Progression. The biggest gift of God

How is Progression the most significant gift?

As we get ready to start a new year (this will be released New Years Day). I have come to reflect on this past year in my life! New Years is a great time to start the clock over as well, as we can learn from the mistakes of our past, and work to overcome them in this new year. Progression is the key to growth in this coming year!

So I guess you wonder how I can make the statement of progression being the most prominent gift of God? It is how God remains God. When I was a young boy, i always wondered how God got so lucky to be God. Did he win a universe lotto? How did he come to be who he is? If you don’t know along with other callings, one of my favorite ones is being the Gospel Principles Teacher of the City Park Ward.

The Principle of Progression

The first chapter in the new manuals for that class for 2018 talk about our Heavenly Father. He used to be like me, woah that’s trippy right?

Our Heavenly Father was once a man like all of us. Besides Exaltation (which is what made him God) what also makes him God is that he continually is progressing. Our God is still learning, still growing and always passing on what he learned to us. Satan and his minions aka the Fallen Angels are cursed with two great curses. 1.) They don’t get physical bodies of their own. and 2.) The Demons are stuck in their state; they are not allowed to progress.

We are blessed to be able to progress!

This year my family and I have been through a ton of trial. Physical trials, emotional trials, false accusations and legal battles. But as I look over this last year I think of it as our own Zion’s camp. For those readers who are not Mormon, Joseph Smith asked some brethren to go with him to lend assistance to saints in Missouri who were being killed and harassed by their neighbors. It started off as an armed rescue mission, but they had to face very severe trials along the way.

2017 Our Zions Camp

The trials were severe. And then here is the kicker, when they arrived in Missouri the word of the Lord came forth and told them to return home. No battle, no glory stories, nadda. Go home was the commandment of the Lord. Some of the men apostatized and stopped believing in Joseph Smith or the restored gospel. Many that stayed comprised the first Quorum of the twelve organized in this dispensation and the first Quorums of the Seventies.

Progression is a blessing!

Even though we had many trials and turmoil this past year, we were blessed! God has taught us a ton through this year’s experiences. We are prepared for some things our father is getting ready to do in our life. We are going to be more in the limelight in 2018 as our writing influence grows, my book gives me opportunities to speak, and leadership in the church.

If your reading this I’m hopefully have been sustained as the new Executive Secretary in the City Park Ward. Some say this call is not leadership. But I want to say that I find it a high honor to be able to work with the Bishop. We have an exceptional Bishop in the City Park Ward! He is my friend, and someone I highly admire and respect. To be able to work with him is more of a Christmas gift and opportunity than all of Christmas itself. Even now the night before the sustaining (when I’m writing this on Saturday Night) I await with nervous anxiousness to begin to help others in the Ward.

In Conclusion

Progression does not always feel comfortable. Many times it comes as harrowing experiences. I cant count the times I’ve cried, the times I’ve wanted to give up and not endure until the end, and more. But through it all I have drawn closer to the savior, matured and am working to become who Heavenly Father wants me to be. But my progression won’t be in this life only; I take comfort that I will never “arrive” and that I will always have chances and opportunities to learn! Happy New Year Friends!

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