Merry Christmas to all of my amazing readers!

Merry Christmas! This year has been one of the toughest of our life. Early this year we lost our twin sons via miscarriage which devastated me and Rachel. We feel it was the Providence of God as he knew we were not yet financially set up for children. We have also had an abundance of health issues. For six months I wore casts and boots on both feet due to diabetic wounds. And for the first time I had to undergo surgery which was scary in itself, yet the Lord brought us through it all. We have been very enterprising this year, I started a business in my home selling items in our online store at


Towards the end of this year we have much to be excited about. On December 1st Kenneth’s book “The Small Things of The Earth”. Will be available on Amazon as a digital ebook and in print. We give God the glory for this book and it takes lessons I’ve learned in my life with a life coach approach. Ken became a published freelance journalist this year writing for the Denver Urban Spectrum and now enjoy use of our press pass to cover many events.


Rachel has had an exciting year as well. She began the year working as a Supervisor at K-Mart and when her store closed she was hired at Duncan Donuts as a Shift Leader and she enjoys working there. We hope she continues to be elevated as she gives God the praise.


Our Vacation

Because of Health issues we did not get to go to any trips this year. But we have many travel plans for next year. We plan to attend RootsTech in Utah in February of 2018. I am so excited and honored to have a press pass

Plans for the New Year

Next year should be very busy for us. Not only do I have Travel for work, but we should be in full launch of our genealogy foundation where we teach kids in the hood how to find out about their families and instill pride in the kids. If you want to give us a Christmas gift we ask that you instead donate a small amount to the Genealogy Gangster foundation. We want to pay to get our IRS 501(c)3 filed which costs a lot of money. You can donate by going to

Rachel hopes to enroll in distance learning via BYU to get her High School Diploma and enroll in the Art Institute Photography program. We also plan to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in the Social Media department tagging photos. That is exciting. Kenneth was released as Ward Mission Leader recently and was called as an Assistant Ward Clerk which has been fun. Rachel continues to serve as a Relief Society Visiting Teaching District Supervisor which she loves.

Momma is doing well and we are praying that she is given the gift she wants more than anything, a kidney. She is now officially on the transplant list and were excited for that! We wish you a great Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Remember Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. Give love today the ultimate gift!

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