Prove Yourself Friendly to have Friends

I remember some time ago I sat in my friend’s office. My friend was also my Bishop. I told him how I felt I had no friends in the church. I was going through a tough period of time, and I felt I was truly all alone. And then my friend looked at me and said something I have taken to heart, to have friends you must prove yourself friendly. And that’s what’s motivated today’s blog!


What does being a friend means to you?

What does being a companion intend to you? Does it simply mean having some organization for your evenings out and for those motion pictures and a couple of sets of ears to tune in to when you need to talk something? Or on the other hand, does it simply mean having somebody to enable you when you to require some cash or some other sort of support?

Most circumstances, individuals say that they don’t have companions that they depend on. In the event that you suspect as much also, perhaps you have to search inside yourself first.


You Get out of a Friend What You Put In!

Companionship is very relative. You must be a decent companion to individuals first. It is at exactly that point that you get veritable companions who can stay with you through various challenges. You can’t be a narrow-minded good-for-nothing and anticipate that everybody around you will give you the shirt off their back when you require it.

In spite of the fact that we live in times that are described by extraordinary walks in logical and mechanical advance—in times that are called as the ‘logical age’ or the ‘PC age’— the fundamental human qualities, for example, companionship continue as before. A similar age-old esteems still apply.


Remember, your Friend’s are not Perfect!

You have to think about your companions as human. Frequently we dismiss them when we are considering ourselves. A great many people have a propensity of putting themselves at the focal point of fascination—they believe that the world spins around them and everything else separated from them is optional. This is absolutely not the best approach to approach kinship. You should understand that your companions are with you for similar reasons that you are with them. Give them first what you anticipate that they will give you—a kind word, support, brotherhood and everything else that you require for yourself.


In Conclusion

You would prefer not to be a vacillating companion either, in light of the fact that then that is the thing that you will get for yourself. Faint-hearted allies are the individuals who are with you when the going is great and abandon you when things start getting harsh. You need to vow your help to your companions. Be with them in their lean circumstances. Regardless of whether simply remain with them when they are feeling low and don’t let out the slightest peep, you might have the capacity to give them enough boldness.

This is the thing that causes you grow a man too. A man is known by the organization they keep. When you are a decent companion, you are probably going to be encompassed by great companions also. This creates you as a man and encourages you to develop.

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