Sometimes it’s hard to be Motivated.

This stressful weak has sapped my motivation.

Greetings my friends. How do we stay motivated when we lose our determination? I wasn’t even going to write a blog post, but this book I’ve been reading (and that has changed my life) has caused me to put away my feelings and get to work. We were involved in a car accident this week, and even though the other driver was at fault (and found to be that way by the po-po) it is still sapping us financially.

Life Can Be Hard

Life is not always meant to be played in easy mode. I wish that it would. When you look at life I like this analogy by Lilly Singh in her book How to Be a Bawse and conquer life. She uses the analogy of a video game. Sometimes our focus is off and we are looking at the wrong places in life, like looking at the wrong place on the screen and Mario gets bit by the turtle.

Or we face and overcome challenges and the great things we feel when we do, like when your leaping off the stairs of Super Mario Bros and hitting that flag indicating the end of that stage.

How do we regain our motivation?

That is a tough question. But I think some of the following things can help us regain our motivation.

  1. We need to sometimes refocus. I love how my friend and Bishop can tell me, Kenny you’re having a Captain Moroni moment, calm down, don’t go a thousand miles a minute, you got this, etc. I love that about him because it causes me to stop, and refocus, and we see our problems are not as bad as we thought.
    1. And just in case you didn’t know I got the best Bishop in the whole church, I’m just saying!
  2. Meditation can prove helpful. Having some mindfulness and being in the moment can help us not worry about the future and help us look at what we can control right now.
  3. “Work with what’s in your Control…” – Lilly Singh

  4. Get the counsel of others. Like I mentioned before I think having people in your corner is worth more than rubies. If I did not have my darling wife, or my friends in the church, etc at my back I would lose it and give up in an instant. These people can be some of the best allies you will ever meet.
  5. Prayer Changes Things – Remember you have a Heavenly Father who loves you so much he gave his only son. If he is willing to give us the best he had (his son) why would he not help us in other stages of life? He does want to help, but don’t treat God as just a piggy bank to bail you out. He is a person. Treat him like a father. Sometimes his answers are no, but remember Romans 8:28 – “All Things Work Together for Good for those who love the Lord and are called According to his Purpose.”

In Conclusion

Life can be very frustrating. Have you ever been playing Super Mario and you get to a level that seems impossible to beat. I know I have, especially on Duck Hunt too. But then you keep working and working and eventually, you beat it and you feel like the king of the world! That is how life is. No matter what comes your way if you can find ways to learn from it and stay motivated, you will truly be a Bawse!


Can You Help

Because of the accident, i am trying to crowdsource my way to Rootstech again, can you be of help? Go to this page if you can or contact me at

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