Family and Friends Friday – William Leslie

Family and Friends Friday – William Leslie


Bringing Back Friends and Family Fridays!

It has been some time since I have blogged on a Friday. For the past year or so I have focused on blogging on Tuesdays. Today I want to start a change, not only will you get Tech Tuesday Posts but I, but I will also be bringing back Friends and Family Friday and today I start that with my 9th Great Grandfather, William Leslie, Earl of Rothes.

Let’s talk about my 9th Great Grandfather William Leslie

William Leslie was born in 1468 in Rothes, Moray, Scotland. I have not been able to find a great deal of information on him online. But the information I’ve found seems to point to some interesting family dynamics. I am also grateful to know more about my lineage from some of the royal and noble families from Scotland. I am also a part of clan Bruce and you can see my article on that here.

Hitting the greed bell in Clan Leslie

William seems to be in some controversy with his brother. His brother appears to have attempted to sell his lands (as he was the elder brother, he was the Earl of Rothes at that time). It’s not the attempted sale that caused him problems, his brother tried to sell the lands without permission from the crown. That was a huge faux pas which catapulted the younger brother William into the nobility by him ascending the title of the 3rd Earl of Rothes.

Williams Family Tree

He did marry, however little is known about who he married. It appears that he married Janet Margaret Balfour. To this union came the birth of his son, George Leslie who ascended the title of 4th Earl of Rothes upon his father’s death. John Leslie of Parkhill who was captured at a famous battle, the Battle of Solway Moss. Last but not least were James Leslie Parson of Rothes and Euphemia Leslie from whom I am descended from. I am a lover of all things noble. On Second Life my character I play the most is a King of his own island nation.

I’m very much into nobility and royal stories!

This has been very exciting to me to know that I have English and Scottish noble blood coursing through my veins. I’m looking to connect with Clan Leslie soon and I wish to obtain a Clan Leslie kilt and tartan as well and attend some of the highland games they have here in Denver.

Williams Death and his children!

William died at the battle of Flodden. At that time his son George took over as Earl. George would go on to greatly distinguish himself as both a noble and a very capable diplomat. Next week I will talk about him as he is related to me just not directly. I hope to be able to research information about Euphemia who is my direct ancestor. I want to thank you all for coming to the Genealogy Gangster website and I can’t wait to bring you more content. As a side note, if your a blog and are looking for a blog link on my site use the contact form to contact me, I would like to talk with you!

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