Self Reliance Is a Part of Optimism


Self-reliance literally means satisfying every want by oneself and not depending frequently on it. However, in nature’s scheme of things, all livings and non-living are independent and sustain each other. Plants, animals, human beings cannot exist in isolation, they share life together. When an individual begins to take this dependence for guaranteed and ceases to make any efforts for himself, then he becomes like a parasite. Although we need other to live, so long as we are not self-reliant, we have not started living properly. It is applicable to individuals as well as to nations.

We are taught Self Reliance from Youth

Normally, an individual from the very beginning is taught to be self-reliant. A child is sent to school, then to college to prepare himself to face life. Today, parents want not only their sons but also daughters to be self-reliant. However, it is a pity that when we talk of self-reliance we normally refer to economic independence.

What does Self Reliance Really Mean?

Self-reliance does not mean merely an ability to earn one’s living. It implies much more. A person cannot be called true self-reliant if he has learned to be not only self-supporting but also to live right through a rigorous cultivation of spiritual and moral values to guide him in his life. Such a person thinks without fear and works with devotion. He develops confidence in his abilities, so essential for success in life. He develops the power of independent thinking and taking decisions boldly. Such total self-reliance enhances his self-respect.

Self Reliance is not Selfishness

It is a pity that man has become so selfish. Unless man understands the true implication of the word self-reliance, there can be no moral and spiritual regeneration. It is a lesson that should be taught early in life while the young minds are being trained for a vocation. It is education about which can teach the impressionable young apprentice to learn to live and not merely to learn to earn a living.

In Conclusion

Thus, a lesson in self-reliance can be begun early in the life so that no one grows up to be selfish, narrow-minded and live like a parasite on others. Such total self-reliance will bring about a dramatic change in the lives of man and help in promoting a spirit of mutual love, respect, and faith. It helps users in an era, which Gandhiji had envisaged, where man will not feel degraded if asked to do menial work. On the other hand, he will take pride in being self-sufficient.

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Mormon Corner

When I feel like it (so don’t expect this weekly) I will have a section where I comment on things regarding the church. Today I feel led to talk about the way General Authorities are called and specifically the Quorum of the Twelve. In the Mormon Church, the Quorum of the Twelve is the body where new prophets are called. We recently had the chance when two Apostles past to see new Apostles called. And I actually was kind of sad that no one from outside of Utah was really called. I have to remind myself that the Lord calls who he calls. We are now faced with an opportunity to see a new apostle called. With our church being a worldwide church I hope that the Lord may choose someone outside of Utah to fill the role to reflect the international nature of the church. Here are my top picks for Apostles!

  1.  Elder Joseph W. Sitati – I’ve been watching him since his call to the Quorum of the Seventy. Even though he’s my #1 pick, its more or less a hail mary pick. Africa is becoming a huge area for the church, and he represents not only
    Elder Gerrit Gong
    Elder Gerrit Gong

    Africa but all those of African descent.

  2. Gerrit W. Gong – Elder Gong would represent another area where the church is growing Asia.
  3. Edward Dube – Again another hail mary wish but I have been following him since his call to the Seventy and I think he could have a long-term as an apostle if called.
  4. Walter F. Gonzalez – Again the Lamanite missionary effort has proven to be a big portion of the international church. He is a very capable General Authority and a great speaker!
  5. Robert Gay – Again while not necessarily international it’s a nod that not all brethren are from the Utah elite.

No matter who is called, they are the Lord’s choice. We can play pick em all day and guess who would be great as an Apostle but the call comes from the Lord. It is his choice. I anxiously am waiting to see like everyone else!


Special Announcement

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