Denver Family History Center 50th Anniversary!

Dennis and Linda Brimhall Keynote Speakers

My Thoughts on the Grand Occasion

Having an opportunity to learn so much about the work of Genealogy in my home city of Denver is an exciting prospect for me. Dennis Brimhall who is the Keynote speaker was once our stake president. I’m excited to hear about his time as the CEO of FamilySearch International.
Sitting here I feel a part of an amazing point in history. I am excited to see all the various displays in the cultural center of other’s family history research.

The Brimhall’s Headed to the Holy Land!

I think it’s awesome that the Brimhall’s have accepted an assignment to serve as missionaries in the middle east in Jerusalem. “Family History is really a love story” which Brother Brimhall used as a way to describe Family History. I think this analogy by Dennis Brimhall is a great way to look at it. He likened his pursuit of his wife to family history. Connecting family lines to be sealed forever.
As we learn about our ancestors the more we fall in love with them.” – Dennis Brimhall

Thinking About the Dash on Tombstones!

Looking at a tombstone you see the name, the dates of birth and death. But even more than that, Sister Brimhall talked about the dash on a tombstone which represents a person’s life. She intrigued us to look at a personal story. More than just ordinances we do for our ancestors is falling in love with the lives of our ancestors.

Denver FHC 50th Anniversary Open House Tales of Bravery

Sister Brimhall talked about her grandmother Hannah from Denmark who showed a great level of bravery in uniting with the Mormon church and traveling alone across the oceans to America. A place she did not know anything about. Her grandfather faced persecution for his religious feelings by violent mobs.

Knowledge of what our Ancestors went through gives us strength!

if our ancestors can endure hard things, we can endure hard things. Studying family history can give each of us hope that we can do the things that they can do. As we are the bridge between our posterity and our ancestors. We share our stories and record them so that our posterity can fall in love with us, and through our stories we give our posterity hope.

As a generation, we must Record our Histories or they will be lost!

If we don’t record our histories the memory of us or our lives can be diminished completely within two generations.
In the past, we “mostly collecting records.” We were faithful “collectors.” The Genealogical Society of Utah is the organization that would become FamilySearch international. We watched a video that shows how family history has evolved and tied us to the past. We watched a brief history on how we were faithful “collectors” hoarding them essentially in our granite vaults in Utah.

Profitability of Genealogy has catapulted its advancements!

Family History became profitable that turned out to be one of the biggest miracles in the evolution of how the world does family history research. In the Latter Day Saint church saints used to make a pilgrimage to Utah to engage in Family History Research, but now we have Family History Centers all over the world so we can use digital technology to bring records from the vaults in Utah to where people live around the world.

Brimhall hired by FamilySearch to bring usability of Family Search by ordinary folks!

The tools are now User-friendly, Dennis Brimhall as director of Genealogy in the past of the LDS church he brought about a view form people who may not be experienced and made it user-friendly research tool. Only 35% of microfilm have been imaged only 25% of microfilm has been indexed. One way can help by indexing and other things to help make more records available.

We need your help to index records!

FamilySearch need’s more people to help with crowdsourcing indexing of all the records that are available. 1.2 million pictures are taken a day. 1.2 million records are indexed a day. Excited to hear about Robokeying they are working to help make computer done indexing more reliable and accurate. Use google to start your family history research.
There are only a few nations where family history is even possible as a business. FamilySearch does not accept records before 1500 without proving immaculate research had been done. There are very few places that they accept records before that date, some of those places that they do accept are places like China, etc.

What do you want your grandchildren to know about you?

A way to think about recording your own history is what do you want your great great grandchild to know about you? Where will he/she learn those things? The forethought is amazing that the church has taken up in doing family history. Thinking about how family history will look like forty years from now.
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