Being Soldiers of God are we ready?

Hardship is a way God trains his Soldiers~

My life has been hard this year. Even though I’ve gone through so much in life i think I am closer to God because of it. I want to talk about the nature of our relationship with God. It is not easy to take things in stride. I am probably like many of you who have gotten angry at God from time to time.

We as Humans or Soldiers of God should not get angry at our commander!

It’s not the first time that someone on the path of discipleship has ever gotten mad at their master. In Numbers `6:15 we read,

“And Moses was very wroth, and said unto the LORD, Respect not thou their offering: I have not taken one ass from them, neither have I hurt one of them.”

Moses was a prophet of the most high God and even he got angry and wroth with God and his people. So we as disciples of Christ are sometimes tempted to get mad at our creator. Maybe we don’t like a commandment issued by God. Sometimes we like to think that we know what’s better for us than a God in the far off yonder.

God knows a thing from Beginning till the End

As humans, we are guilty of making this mistake. And the sooner we come to a realization that he knows what’s best for us because he sees a thing from the beginning to an end, and we barely see what’s in front of our face.

Isaiah 55:8 – “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.”

His ways are not our ways!

We can remind ourselves that the Lord’s ways and thoughts are higher than our ways. It’s highly ironic that we dare get mad at the man who created the universe. God is not OBLIGATED to do anything with us except when we follow his commandments. He is not a man that he should lie.


Enduring Life Like a good Soldier

We have to learn how to be patient in this life. God has taught us in his word that even the bad things work out for our good. When we endure the tough things in life we build strength and endurance. This strength can be of great use to us in our callings and vocations for God. God is not wanting weak soldiers in his army.

Lessons from Boot Camp in my own life!

When I think about the boot camp I endured as a United States Sailor I think of the first day. We were stripped out of our “street” clothes and put into purple jogging suits we called smurf suits that had the Navy Logo on it. Boot Camp was about breaking down the years of bad training from our earlier lives.

Then we began to be built up as sailors and shipmates. When we join the Army of the Lord we have to be trained in how to live for God. We spent most of our lives living for the other team, the devil. Our discipleship starts with changing the attitudes and ways we once lived. This is a sifting process. When you sift flour you are removing the unpure parts before baking.

God has purpose for Adversity

I figure that is one of the purposes for the adversity that we go through in life. God is using it as a sifting process. It’s easy to say that we Love God, but will we prove ourselves true when things are not right or when things go wrong in life. And before you say that is not biblical look at the disciples.

Sometimes as disciples of Christ we have to endure.

Disciples of Christ faced problems at every turn in the early days of the church and even when the master walked the earth. Shipwrecked multiple times, thrown in prison, each of the first apostles save one died a violent death. They had to prove their loyalty to the master in ways most American Christians simply don’t understand.

I look at the Christians around the globe who have their lives put on the line just for knowing the savior. Look at saints in China who are jailed for meeting together. Look at the Yezidi’s and Christians in Iraq who have died at the hands of Daesh (ISIS) because they would not renounce Christ and become Muslim.

We are blessed to live in America!

We in America have it lucky. So when I think of things in that way I am grateful that the lessons I learn are easier. But be aware we are in the last days and there will come a day when American Christians have to pay for their beliefs from a regime that will be against faith in Christ. Soldier are you ready?

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