A Sneak Preview of my General Conference Article for Monday!

It’s late at night in the Green home and throughout this day I have been blessed by the various talks at conference. I LOVE the talks that seemed to emphasize people’s worth in the sight of God and in the Kingdom of God. I love the talk by Elder Pingree the most (its still just Saturday so by the time this publishes a Sunday Speaker may have captivated me).

The Reason Elder Pingree has captivated me is because I have been having issues with my own self-worth. Part of me thinks’s that in my current calling I’m not really helping anyone. When I know better because when the High Councilor set me apart he showed me how important my calling was to the Bishop and his counselors and the Ward Council in order to do the work they need to do. I am a person who sometimes constantly regresses into feelings of depression and self-loathing. Can I keep it 100 with you here? Good because that’s what I vow to do.

Elder Pingree also hit the nail on the head for me when he talked about deflecting personal praise. I sometimes get caught up in that I can admit that. I also liked what he stated about avoiding distraction and discouragement. And finally, the attitude that I am here, willing Lord, send me!

My thoughts on the afternoon session are few unfortunately because I accidentally fell asleep. But I want to thank other bloggers out there in the bloggersphere for writing recaps on Saturday’s Afternoon session. Elder Stevenson had some words for me, especially about time wasting and pride. President Owen’s remarks on us all being prodigals especially hits home with me. I felt this way many times in my life with the church. Elder Cook’s talk will be the first one I catch up on.

Another great post about the church!

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