The Blessings of Family History

Family History Is Not Bad

When you hear the word family history sometimes it bores people. I know many a great friend who thought that history itself was boring.So as i started this endeavour i did so out of religious obligation more than anything. As a Latter Day Saint Genealogy is important to us because we believe that we can perform work vicariously for our kindred dead.

Family History has blessed my life! 

But the more i have gotten into my family’s past the prouder and prouder i have become. I come from great english and scottish stock! Even though we have had some ugly times in our ife through racism and slavery, our family has persevered and came through strong.

Family History is not always Pretty!

It is due to this ugly period that i am able to be connected to Engish peerage, scottish kings and queens, and a host of famous individuals including the founder of my religion itself, Joseph Smith Jr. As i began to delve deeper and deeper into my past my shame turned into pride. I got a true sense of myself due to my rich heritage.

 Changing How you view Family History can change perspective!

A ton of people hate history but like history movies. I know in school my favorite moment was when a teacher wheeled in the TV and VCR from the AV Room because we knew that today we were going to watch a movie. I want to challenge you all to check out Relative Finder and start to find a lot of the great people you are associated with.

 Using the School Approach!

Once you have found out the people that you are associated with i challenge you to take it a step further and begin to watch movies about these people. I love the movie Braveheart even more because of the portrayal of Robert the Bruce my 11th Cousin played by the kid who also was in Ferris Bueler (Matthew Broderick). Even though he betrayed William Wallace at first it did me proud to see him take on the english.

What is your learning style?

That is a way you can engage in family history and make it come to life for you. Maybe your one of those types who reads history books. Maybe reading about your ancestors and their lives can teach you something. I am amazed at what we can learn. And when you learn do it unbiased. Take pride in the good moments and the bad.

Helping Others can Pique your Interest! 

This is one of the reasons i have the Genealogy Gangster Foundation. It is my desire to instill in people a sense of pride and a desire to make thier ancestors proud. There are many ways to take part in and learn about Genealogy. It does not have to be dry research into history. You can change the way you think about it and in doing so you can pursue it from a variety of ways. I hope this can create some different angles and thoughts.

 In Closing!

For more resources i encourage you to check out some of the following articles that i have written for the blog here! We are still doing our raffle for a trip to Tennessee and also raffles for trips to Mexico and Las Vegas! Click the links in this paragraph to be taken to our entry page. I am wanting to take youth on a genealogy trip to the south so any help with our fund would be a tremendous blessing of teaching this great art to an up and coming generation.
What creative ways have you found to make Genealogy and Family History more interesting to you?

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