Changing the Focus of our Thoughts can Revolutionize Our Lives

By Kenneth Green

How Changing Focus has Blessed Me!

It is interesting to me when I take time to figure out what I’m thinking about in life. When I reflect on the way that my mind can be distracted, it amazes me when people have a complete mastery of their minds. I respect the Buddhist monks who can meditate in a zen-like state. I am new to this meditation thing trying to incorporate it into my morning routine. And sitting there even doing a guided meditation with my VR goggles on  I still find my mind wandering.

This has caused me to ask myself how much time do I spend wasted on thoughts that do nothing for me. When I reflect on the stupid things that catch my attention like Facebook or games, etc. i see a ton of time wasted. I’m not against those types of activities but what I want to advocate is a proper use of our age when we are to be productive. You can spend much of your time on the frivolous things and miss a lot of your life. I know that many Christians don’t talk about meditation because they feel that is something that belongs to eastern religions.

Changing Your Focus Pinterest GraphicPracticing Meditation

Christianity has practiced meditation in the ancient church. I don’t know where the modern church got the notion that we should not meditate. Personally, i find it to be a great resource for me. Mindfulness and being present has helped me shape my perception and think in better ways. I am so grateful for this, but I’m off on a tangent time to reel it back in. So what do you think about on a daily basis? Some people think the “Secret” is new age philosophy. But it’s even there in the bible.

What we say and think matters!

Proverbs 18:21 – “Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.”

What you talk about or more whatever it is that consumes your thoughts are the power of life and death. By changing your focus, you can begin to live in an abundance of life that God has designed for us all. So how do we do this? I think the first trick is to make positive thinking a habit. They say that you can learn any skill if you put 10,000 hours into it. That’s a lot of hours. I like what is also said that if you do the same thing over and over for nineteen days, it becomes a habit. That seems much more obtainable.

Starting a Daily Routine of Changing Focus

So here’s what I’m doing and I think it can help you. Start each day with a morning routine. Do this for nineteen days straight to develop the habit and discipline it takes to do it. The method I’m using is from The Latter Day Morning which is a good book. But feel free to come up with your own! It starts off by me thanking God and being grateful for what I have at that moment. The more grateful a person is, the more open to more blessings that person is.

The next part of my morning routine is to do meditation. There’s that ugly word again i know. But when I start with meditation it seems that I am more at peace. After that, i commit to writing at least 1000 words a day of content. Whether that’s a chapter for my book or my blogs. And lastly, i journal. Just a few lines about the day before. I hope that as you practice this over nineteen days, you will be able to get your morning started off right and changing your focus will make you more productive.

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