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Greetings, I usually post Tip Tuesday on Tuesdays here. But one of the things I have been having trouble with is finding new tips to show you. Having a lack of ideas for that blogging prompt has caused me to not post as often on this blog as I should or want to. So to alleviate this problem and issue, i wanted to dig into my genealogy files and talk about famous or non-famous people that I am related to, and so Tip Tuesday has become Tribe Tuesday where I talk about my tribe.

For the First Edition – Joseph Smith Jr.

When i discovered I was related to a man, I hear about in church so often I was flabbergasted. It was very amazing to find that I was related to Joseph Smith. Our common denominator comes in my ancestor William de Keith and Marjorie Fraiser. Joseph was born December 23rd, 1805. He was the son of Joseph Smith Sr. and Lucy Mack Smith. Born in Sharon Vermont, he was a farm boy till his teen age years. He is known for much good, but there are some also some bad things he was known for.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

So first I will get the bad out of the way because this man was so legendary for his Good that I want to get to that. Some people called him a trickster or a fortune teller. You have to compare the prophet to the times in which he lived. I believe God used the things of the times to bring his will to pass. Also, I believe you have to judge my cousin Joseph based on the good that he has accomplished and brought to pass. And lastly I look at the global work of the church he started, and I see so much good.
Joseph translated the works known as the Book of Mormon as well as the Pearl of Great Price. Joseph Smith was known not to have an education and pretty much was almost illiterate. I don’t understand how people can say that he is evil, or a fraud or a plagiarist when he could not put together a well-pieced letter.

The Stone that Would Roll and Fill the Whole Earth

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is millions strong. We are the fastest growing religion in the United States. This faith feeds more people on the earth that I have stats for. I know that this church supports people in third world countries via its perpetual education fund. We help people pull themselves up by the bootstraps and have healthy lives.
Some of the fresh accomplishments that Joseph Smith did in his very short life are phenomenal. My cousin was a presidential candidate, a General of a militia, a Mayor, a translator, and author. A man who was almost illiterate was able to accomplish so much in his life it amazes me. I am lucky to be able to say I am related to this man. Sure almost anyone is related to someone via six degrees of separation. But I take pride in knowing that while I am a pioneer for the Green family in the church, I am not the only pioneer.

Sealed his Testimony with his blood.

Joseph Smith Jun was a giant amongst men. I honestly believe that the enemy of our souls could not stand him being alive. There were so many attempts on his life it’s a dirty shame. So many of the early members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints were slaughtered and murdered for their beliefs. And the first President and Prophet of the church would be no different. Joseph Smith Junior was slain and sealed the testimony of his beliefs with his blood. If had not seen what he saw he could have denied it all.
Joseph Smith if he did not believe Jesus Christ was indeed leading him could have thrown up his hands and fled and lived. But he went to his death in the similitude of the man who had called him to do his will upon the earth. He died like his master Jesus Christ. It was not the Roman process of Crucifixion that ended Joseph’s existence but an assassins bullet.

My beliefs about Joseph Smith

Joseph Smith has had some of the same questions I have had about religion. Especially as of late I look at my own experience trying to ascertain the right church with who I should unite myself with and his experience. Christ genuinely led Joseph Smith I believe. Was he perfect? No, he was a man. Being a disciple of Christ does not mean you instantly become perfect. Nay, this is a life long walk. However, i do believe that Joseph Smith was a prophet led by God.
Last year I got to go to the Church History Museum in Salt Lake City with my buddy Eddy. And at this Museum they had a display that held the clothes that Joseph and his brother Hyrum wore. I touched just the glass of the screen case, and I began to weep. Tears flowed from my eyes as I connected with my ancestor and beloved relative. The Holy Ghost overshadowed me and sealed in my heart a testimony of the Prophet Joseph. I am glad to be counted as a distant cousin of his; I began with great pride on this!
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