I Cant Envision a Heavenly Father of Love that Fundamentalism Teaches

I Can’t Envision a Heavenly Father of Love that Fundamentalist Christianity Teaches

An Open Letter on Fundamentalist Christianity

Dear Friends,
I am writing this publically on my facebook so that folks can be clear and understand something. I am a man. I make mistakes, and as I said in a different post I feel I have the wrong parts of Captain Moroni, Peter, Paul, and others all rolled into one. My wife and I were going to resign our membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, not because of unresolved sin or anything like that, but because we wrestled with some doctrinal issues.

The Wrestling Match of the Century

It has not been an easy wrestling match. Sometimes things happen that are great and inspire us to keep on going. And sometimes things people say or have said cause us to examine the religion we follow with some very severe eyeglasses picking apart things. I deal with emotional issues from time to time. My desire is and was to serve Jesus. I thought that by membership in the church I was consigning myself to hell.

Is Heavenly Father just a mean Judge who wants us to have no joy in life?

But what I’ve seen from the “Christian” church makes me flee to the Iron Rod and walking towards the tree of life. I am not perfect. I have many faults in life. But some of the things that they believe make me want no parts of their God. I can’t envision a heavenly father who acts in that manner. My good friend who is also my religious leader in the church said something to me that has been whirling around my head.

A God who is love cannot be the same one that Fundamentalist Circles Preach On!

He, in essence, can’t envision a God who is “love” doing the things they teach. And if that were God he’d want no part of him. God chose some very exact language in the bible in how he describes his relationship to us and our relationship with him. He calls us his children. He is our Heavenly Father.

What is our Heavenly Father like?

I began to wonder why he used the term father. It is because that’s how he wants us to identify our relationship with him. We don’t necessarily like our parents all the time. And sometimes our fathers have to be disciplinarians, and that hurts. But if we have good father’s and that’s what God is, Good. Then we have to know that he loves us.

Why he likened us to his children and he our “Abba” Father!

So why did he call us his children? Because he treats us as such. God is not some mythical being in the sky who needs our worship. He is WORTHY of our worship, and we should worship him. But he does not need mindless automatons who’s job is just to worship him. He wants us to have families. He wants us to enjoy our spouses and relatives and friends. In life, he has promised that he came to give us an abundance of it. (John 10:10)

I Publically Renounce Error

On this blog I wrote an article, I titled “My Exodus From The Mormon Church.” or “From Minister to Mormon to Minister.” I am ashamed I wrote it. Consider this article my retraction speech. That’s why I wrote this here. I originally was going to write it on Facebook. Believe me; i will still share this there. But I made the error here, and so my retraction should be here.

What i Learned in a Fundamentalist Prayer Meeting!

I went to a prayer meeting tonight online in like a skype room.  The things that they wanted me to renounce during this prayer made me and my wife physically sick. I entertained the idea because as I’ve stated above, i want to follow Jesus. But this level of fundamentalism reminded me of some almost Al Qaida and ISIS type stuff.

I dont believe God takes things overboard!

Renouncing various forms of sex with my wife. Renouncing my role playing games and all of my friends I met there. Renouncing dressing up for role playing games. Renouncing various spirits which would not come out of me (mind you they were not there from get go) You cant cast out what you do not have. Wanting me to renounce spiritual experiences. I thought God wanted us to have spiritual experiences with him.

I Renounce What i had said before!

Pure insanity is what this call was all about. I renounce them! In all of my time in the Mormon church, that church has done nothing but support my family and me. They have done nothing but prayed for me. Visited me when I was sick. Support my desire to move forward in life and have that abundance of life.
In one meeting these Fundamentalist Christians have turned me completely off to their version of Christianity. Jesus Christ has called us joint heirs with him.  (Romans 8:17) And he has called us his friends. This is the picture of God that makes the most sense to me. I have taken down any website I was affiliated with that may have had on it any error.

I Ask Your Forgiveness for Momentary Lapse in Judgement

I humbly ask you, my friends, to forgive me. I was wrong. I can admit when I am wrong. And I ask for your forgiveness. I am a man. I want to exhibit the good sides of Captain Moroni, Peter, Paul, and others I have named. I want to help folks find Jesus Christ. Fundamentalism is very dangerous, and we have to be careful of it in any form.  And while were quick to bad rep Fundamentalist Mormons or Muslims, Fundamentalist Christianity doctrines can be just as dangerous. I pray you all forgive me for my error.
Kenneth Green
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