Why is it hard to picture ourselves as children of divinity?

Are we children of divinity?

One of the simplest truths that I love my church teaches that is that were all literal children of God. We as humans short ourselves so much; we think we could not possibly be children of divinity. This has been a concept that has been challenging to me as I reflect on the doctrines of salvation. In the religious belief system, we are the literal children of divinity made with a purpose. And if we keep our covenants and do all that we are supposed to do then we can inherit all that he has including the ability to progress and evolve forever.

The Human condition hinders our vision of divinity!

Frailty is the destroyer of potential. When we live our life, we are in a human state. We do not have any characteristics of deity native in us from birth. But we can be born with afflictions because of our human frailties. And it’s because of those that we lose sight of our potential. That is the saddest thing to me is losing sight of what the result of our lives is to become. We find divine power when we trust in the message of Jesus Christ. Faith in him, the divine one activates divinity in us. When we have confidence in his grace and atonement, and we apply that to our lives God has said that there is nothing that we can’t ask for that he won’t give. That does not necessarily mean we will get it in this life, but we will get it!

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you” – Luke 11:9

Divinity as an expression of love!

To me, this is where divinity comes from. One of my favorite hymns of all time is “I Stand All Amazed.” To me, i do stand amazed because God is love. And I don’t get where people think of this lofty God that is not involved in our lives or wants a bunch of minions just to do what he says and be in servitude forever. Mind you I don’t mind being his servant forever because I am a dirty rag and am no good, and its only because of his love and grace that I have a chance to be with him. But am i deserving of that honor? No, i am not deserving of the privilege. And when i think about things in that light i am amazed

“I Stand All Amazed at the Love Jesus Offers Me.” – I Stand All Amazed Hymn

God is the epitome of love. He is Love. And because of who he is I am so grateful that he does not act like the grand poobah Overlord from space that wants me to be his drone forever. But he wants us all to become like him. I respect my protestant brothers beliefs. But i am starting to fall in love with the doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Updates on my life!

I am sorry that I have not written much over the past month. To be honest I have had to deal with illness plaguing my household. Also, I told you that I had surgery on both feet, and as of late I have been diagnosed with Renal Cell Carcinoma. So I took a short sabbatical from blogging. But I want to thank my awesome readers who are still rocking with me. I love you all. I hope that I can inspire you to esteem yourself better than you are now. Now pride goeth before a fall, I don’t want folks to get prideful because they are children of divinity. For pride is what caused Lucifer to fall and become Satan. But i want to encourage you to begin exercising your faith!

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