Welcome Back! We are rebooting the Simply Kenneth Friday Fun Day!

Friday Fun Day?

Friday Fun Day was one of my original blogging prompts. And I canceled it because of my dedication to the Genealogy Gangster brand.  So I stopped doing it and just focused on motivational writing on this website. And while I did that and I think that it was alright, I have noticed that this brand just seemed to be missing something.

What do you talk about on Friday Fun Day?

Anything I please really. I review music, food, resteraunts. I also like to talk about things in the local and national media and use this as my pulpit if you will to talk about whatever i feel like it. So today i will be sharing one of my vlog posts for the Kenvincible Show (yes i’m back on my youtube grind as well) and also be talking about music that i’m bumping right now. I want to review a song that is one of my favorites right now. My wife is probably sick of me listening to it but i dont care haha!

I also plan on talking a little bit about the craziness in the world right now. So let’s get it in!

The Review of Holiday by James the Mormon featuring Taylor Bennett

I’ve been waiting for a little bit for JTM to drop some new fire. James the Mormon by far is my favorite rapper on the planet though he will tell you he does not call himself a rapper. His flow is melodic and very easy to listen to. Some of my favorite songs of all time are made by him including “Workin” featuring David Archuleta, and my all time favorite Motivation which I think is just AWESOME!

I would not be a good Ward Mission Leader if i did not comment on the original song that got me hooked which was Restoration. But enough about his past music, i want to talk a little bit about the man. I had the distinct honor of meeting him in Salt Lake last year at a Genesis Group right after last year’s Root’s Tech. His testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ is so inspiring to me. I am so fortunate to be able to have met him in the flesh. And he is so down to earth, he even shook hands with me and Eddy and talked a bit afterwards. So on to the review.

The Heart of the Review

Song Overall Rating: **** (Four and a Half Stars out of a total of five)

Favorite Things About the Song:  The overall motivational message of the song. I love the line about working. About redesigning things if stuff is not working. I especially love this because as a creator of online content sometimes things don’t work and you can get discouraged. But this song just adds motivational fuel to the fire and is one of those pick you up songs!

Least Favorite Things: I have, to be honest and I don’t want to sound like a JTM groupie but the raspy voice of Taylor Bennett kinda threw me off and was harder to follow his words in the rhyme than James’s words. Needless to say, i think the two went together well, if I could follow Taylor’s voice a bit more I can give this a full five stars which are RARE on this blog!

The Craziness in the World

We need to take courage saints and press into the savior. Lately, the enemy of my soul has been super deceptive and deceitful in regards to some areas of my life. Satan is so tricky and he is catching tons of folks off guard. He has had me wanting to give up on my very faith in the savior which is something I EVER thought could happen. However, as I look at the world I see how bad we need Jesus Christ right now.

This fire song by my buddy Yahosh Bonner and Kirt Banks really speaks to my soul right now. It’s a cover of the Music Soulchild song called “Lord/Love” and this song just makes me think about how much I need Heavenly Father and his son Jesus Christ. Life is tough right now. In this world we got craziness happening all over the world. I cant believe that we got people killing people and raping people on Facebook Live. We got football players turned Super Thugs who kill themselves when they get hit with that Super thug time.

Jesus Christ is all we need in the world today!

Jesus Christ is all I need right now in my life. I need my wife and I need my church. But at the end of the day, Jesus Christ is my primary need. Lord I apologize before the world if I EVER doubted you. I apologize for the deceptive snares of the enemy that I have fallen for before. God said we overcome the enemy by the blood of the lamb (check he did that) and the words of our testimony (I’m doing that!)

Stay close to the Lord during these trying times. Darkness will not last forever! God bless and keep you! – Kenny

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