Planning Your First Genealogy Vacation – Genealogy Gangster Tuesday Tip Day Blog Post

Why go on a Family History Vacation?

So if your reading this I assume you at least have an interest in family history. I think a lot of times we get too wrapped up in our microfiche, our computers and books and not into the story. The best way to get into the story is to actually go on a Genealogy vacation. I am planning my first Genealogy Vacation for next month to Marion, Doniphan Kansas and I want to share some lessons I learned along the way. So here we go!

Where do i go on my vacation?

The first tip is actually narrowing down where you go on your first Genealogy vacation. The best way for me to figure this out for myself is to find the place where going there would actually serve more than one purpose. The first purpose behind me going to Doniphan, Marion Kansas is obviously to connect with the story of my ancestors. The second thing is to go to the Vital Records departments and get hard copies of birth and death certificates for all of my ancestors. Doing this gives me the story I so desperately desire but also has another equally important purpose.

Do your research! Do your due diligence.

The second tip that I want to highlight is knowing the area you plan to visit. There is nothing more important when making your vacation plans. Knowing key things like where to find information, where libraries are located are crucial and key. But I also want to highlight that you should find out about tourist attractions in the area, where to eat, which hotels are good to stay at and more. Do your due diligence and research before you go and make several back up plans. Knowing when the tourist season is and the off season can save you a lot of green!

Share the Vacation experience with others!

The last tip that I am going to give you today is to make sure you have fun! Take lots of pictures! Involve your family in the trips and plans. When you bring others along you make the idea of family history real to them. I love this idea and can’t wait to bring my wife along and show her my family. When you make the trip fun you breathe life into what can be a dull subject for people. Knowing your history helps you know where you come from. And a family vacation to a genealogy location in your families past can be a great way to introduce someone to genealogy.

In Conclusion

I hope you take my advice and plan a family history vacation soon! Keep watching this blog for details on my trip, I hope you like what I show you and use it as an example for your own trips. Thank you for reading and supporting the genealogy gangster! Please visit our foundation today!

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