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My Personal Story

Today I want to give some tips on how you can use the social features of Ancestry Dot Com to further your genealogy research. Now I am not talking specifically about the DNA communities. Because face it not everyone can afford to purchase the DNA kit immediately. And if you’re like me being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints comes with the awesome benefit of having free access to ancestry.

Tons of Resources to Help!

There are plenty of resources within the main ancestry dot com site that can help you with your genealogy research. The resource I want to talk about today is other persons. I am so grateful for the community of genealogists that are in the world today. Never have I seen a community willing to rally around folks and be of such help for research. So I guess I will start this off by sharing my story about how I used the social features to advance my research.

Grandma Ring

Social Functions of Ancestry Dot Com - Grandma Ring Picture
My Great Great Great Grandmother Elizabeth Ring

A few weeks past I talked about the fact that I did not have access to my grand parent’s information on my father’s side of the family. And when I did this a member of the community which I consider an angel When she gave me information on my ancestor Monroe Holt I was able to find via the ancestry search my great great grandmother Elizabeth Ring. Now that I was able to find her I was able to see the different family tree’s that had Elizabeth Ring listed in them and I began to contact all of the people who created those trees.

Using the Social Function to Find Family!

You would be surprised to find out that I found a distant relative on the Ancestry website a cousin of mine. This person has a lot of information on the ring family and by extension the Denton family. Finding her has unlocked a lot of information for me on my extended family. Because of Ancestry Dot Com, I was able to find my extended family on my father’s side of the family. I have such a desire to meet her and my kin back south. I hope to do a genealogy trip this summer to meet her and my other relatives in the Ring family.

Safety Tips for Using the Social Functions

So here are some tips that I would like to give you when you’re using the social functions of the website.
1. Remember that this is social media. And while the genealogy community is relatively safe there are people out there that do harm to others. So do not share personal details about your location or name or telephone numbers immediately. Be very careful and guarded with the information that you provide.
2. When you ascertain that you can trust the person only then can you share VERY basic information? I suggest getting an email address that can only be used for genealogy and not have personal information attached to it. You can communicate via that method without sharing too much personal information.
3. Only share your family tree details when you’re comfortable. You are in control of your information and details.

In Conclusion

If you’re careful you can find out a lot of information that can be very beneficial to you. I am grateful for the love that this community shares with each other. Honestly, I am grateful, and I am amazed that people are willing to work together to help find these details. I think this is great and I can testify that you can find your family using ancestry dot com. You can find your relatives and you can get a lot of information by working together with others.
I am grateful that I get to work with my distant cousin. Ancestry really is a place where you can find your family! So take some risk and put yourself out there the rewards can be huge!

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