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Decrees and Affirmations Part Two!

Welcome to Friday fun day. This past motivation Monday I talked about affirmations. Now I want to give you tools on how to build your own affirmations, and a few decrees that I have made myself. The biggest thing that you must remember is faith in what you’re saying. If you have faith in what you’re saying then it is more likely to come to pass at a more rapid rate. However, if you do not believe then while the secret may continue to work for you, it will take longer and not bring the results desired. Faith is a leading part of the law of decrees. So let’s get into it, shall we?


Putting the Law to work!

Affirmations don’t work if you say them once and never pay attention to them again. To begin to put the secret to work for you, you must repeat the affirmations often. I like using time in the morning to say affirmations the prayers to help get my day started. I like standing in the mirror when I say them, this is not necessary however, I think it helps the affirmation get into your mind if you’re looking at yourself while saying it. The first thing that you have to do when making decrees and affirmations is decided what you want in life.

Step One for Affirmations and Decrees – Visualization and basic planning.

Deciding what your life should look like is the first part of making decrees and affirmations. Begin with self-visualization of where you want to be in three months, six months and a year time. Doing t will help your affirmations become more real to you. Don’t worry about making plans on how to get your goals at this juncture. That will come later, as you begin to see how to make your goals come to pass. Once you have an idea of where you want to go, begin to craft affirmations that match your goals. For instance, if my goal is to be debt-free in one years time I may design the following affirmation.

“I am debt free..”
“My debts are paid and clear!”
“I will be debt free by ”

It’s Okay to Be Afraid of Your Goals!

One thing that almost to set up as a rule right now is not to be afraid of your goals. If they are not scary the goal is not big enough! Remember, the God of the universe is the one helping you accomplish these things. The same God who created the earth in seven days destroyed it in forty and accomplished so many obstacles in his word. Once you have two or three goals for each time period begin to craft your affirmations.

In Conclusion

In closing these goals can be any area that you choose. I like choosing goals in the areas of finance, family, and with God. Having affirmations firing on all cylinders for those three areas that I am more organized and coherent. Somehow, I feel more connected to my purpose. Goals should be something fun, and again if they don’t scare you a bit then they are not big enough.

One Last Note – There’s nothing wrong with scale!

You also must remember to scale your affirmations for the time frame your currently involved with. While it’s good to have affirmations for the year time frame, the ones for the three months and six months are said more and are on my brain more because of the rapidity of when I want them to come to pass. I’m hoping to do this with my wife and get her to make her own affirmations. Share them with someone! This will keep your accountable to saying them! If your able to do this I promise that you will take the first steps into shaping your life how you want it.

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