Holiness and Mercy

“To desire and expect nothing for oneself and to have profound sympathy for others is genuine holiness.” – Ivan Turnegev

Family and Friends Friday Blog Post

It has been a very interesting week for me. Yeshua has been dealing with me on a great many different spiritual matters. I only want to please him with my life, my energies and my time. I am starting to understand my aunt and uncle the pastor and evangelist. As a kid, I don’t believe that I was in love with Jesus as I am now. The more I draw unto him, the more in love I am. Reading the Bible and Christian books fill my attention and focus. When I was in the hospital, I felt very alone. Not saying that I was alone, only that I felt alone.

Thankful for my family and friends who were there!

In the more I had to lean on God, the more people failed me. Not saying that everyone did, my wife was there for me, her friends were there for me, my mentors the Fritsche family was there. And Pastor Brown was there. But people that I felt would have been there first let me down. I’m speaking of friends from the Mormon church. I was so used to them always being there for me that it caught me off guard. I needed prayer and could not get one single person to visit me. Now that I think about it when I first had heart failure only one person visited me from the church.

Holiness is now a life pursuit! It is now a lifestyle!

This experience has caused me to lean on Jesus for my support. And so I wanted to share some of my experience with all of you. Holiness by definition is the state of being holy. Holiness is something that we cannot perfect in life, but mercy allows us to return to God anyways. Holiness is something that is not prideful, not selfish, and not boastful. It is Christ centered, Christ taught, and Christ-magnifying. The more I study the Bible, the closer I’m drawing to him. I mean following him in spirit and truth.

Warning: I’m coming against legalistic ritualistic belief systems now!

This may be a cause for alarm for some of you. But I find the Mormon faith to be legalistic in placing people under spiritual bondage that Christ died to free us from. It is highly ritualistic, legalistic in the commands you are to follow, and vastly different from biblical New Testament Christianity. I told you some of you might not like what I am writing today. But I promise that it is the truth as far as God has shown me.

Holiness in Conclusion!

So, the question is what do I do now? I know for a fact that I want to serve Yeshua in spirit and truth. I want to walk in his love, helping everyone that I meet. I want to give him glory via in my life. I don’t care if he wanted me to clean churches all day. I want to serve him in spirit and truth. And so I have begun to walk as a born again Christian! I will not be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, nor will I hide what he has taught me. I hope you still rock my blog’s after reading this.

Recipe of the Week – Holy Yum Chicken

I found this recipe on this blog site called Table for Two. And I wanted to share it with you all! I want to start blogging about food again, so look out for pictures of this meal being prepared this weekend! I’m excited to bring you more pictures, and video content as a few pieces I’ve needed for my camera should come in today! Thank you for everything! Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope you enjoyed today’s words as I talk about what has been real and on my heart!

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