Perceptions and Truth

Special Friday Blog Post

As I begin to think about this week I have a lot on my mind. I’ve been reading a book on unforgiveness. How dealing with it can unlock feelings of joy and peace in your life. The Lord does not only teach a lesson by using examiner as well. I’m starting to realize through a series of recurring dreams some areas in my psyche that had not fully been surrendered to the Lord. These areas have been brought to recollection especially since I’ve been dealing with my foot injury.

Our Minds The Playground of Satan

Satan loves to play our insecurities against each other. One of the Biggest I’ve dealt with in life is the fact that I can’t make it on my own. As a child, my great aunt instilled a lot of this in me. Having been told that I’m slower than everyone else. Here lately I’ve been having dreams of a time when I lived with my aunt and uncle. Being afraid to disappoint my uncle, or being disobedient even though I was an adult. Satan likes to make you think of the worst times in your life. For me, this was a pretty bad time in my life because I felt I could do more but feel unknowingly held back in life.

Perceptions are often different than truth!

I realize that people did what they did in trying to protect me. Though I think some of it was selfish. My perceptions and what is truth might be two different things. Satan loves to play on our perceptions.





1.  the ability to see, hear, or become aware of something through the senses.

“the normal limits to human perception”

2 . the state of being or process of becoming aware of something through the senses.

“the perception of pain”

synonyms:          recognition, awareness, consciousness, appreciation, realization, knowledge, grasp, understanding, comprehension, apprehension; formal cognizance

“our perception of our own limitations”

3. a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

“Hollywood’s perception of the tastes of the American public”

synonyms:          impression, idea, conception, notion, thought, belief, judgment, estimation

“popular perceptions of old age”


Perception at its core is dual.

Perception at its definition is dual. There are things that we see through the senses. And there are things that are ideas or impressions of things. I’m a believer that the enemy likes to play with both. But today I’m especially talking about the Latter. The enemy has been against me with thoughts that I would regress back to that life I had with my aunt and uncle. It’s not that it was the most horrible like to have. But having been on my own for 10+ years, I think it’s the loss of independence that has me worried.


And this illness has made me less independent of late. So Satan has used his ripe ground to plant fears and old memories. But when I think about God and everything he’s brought me through he is more faithful to me through my mind gives him praise. He’s been so good to me; others discounted me yet he believed in me. He brought people around me who believe in me, and support me. So thankful that I am having these dreams. I believe that the Lord has brought me to this to deal once and for all with these feelings. I’ve been talking a good game on this blog about forgiveness for a few months. God is making sure I put my money where my mouth is.

Altering my perceptions!

I don’t believe they think they did anything wrong. And maybe they only did wrong in my perception. However, I know how much the Lord loves me. He has been so faithful to me that I can rest in him enough to let go of my feelings towards my family members who I feel have wronged me. So be careful what you write and talk about because sometimes life or the Lord will make you put your money where your mouth is. I am doing better, so much better. I’m home; I have a wife who loves me and getting better physically. I had genuine true friends who love and support me.


Love Me True Book Review

Part of why I am doing a special blog post today is to review a book. This book is called love me true by Jason Whiting of Cedar Fort Publishing. I love this book and a lot of times I get called upon to review books for various publishers. But as a new husband, I found this book especially valuable. This book deals with one of the most important subject matters in relationships, honesty. I like how it illustrates dishonest behavior in marriages and relationships. A lot of times when were dishonest it is not intentional or malicious.


Sometimes it is out of fear, or myriad of motives. I think this book should be read by all married couples within their first year of marriage. Having a foundation of honesty will ensure that a marriage lasts. But a lot of times people don’t realize they are dishonest. I want to incorporate this book into family devotional time. So we can build a forever marriage. I give this book the highest ratings because it’s not just about straightforward issues. There are a lot of issues I did not realize I had until reading this book. So check it out today!


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