Trials Are Good For Us

Trials Are Good For Us

Trials are good for the soul! Trust me i know!

So as I begin This Day some blows and some defeats. I’m still in the hospital, but the hospital has taken phenomenal care of me. Sometimes the enemy comes to try and make me feel sad because I’m here. Or make me feel sad because of the road to recovery that I must walk down. Next week I was supposed to travel to Salt Lake City for the biggest genealogy convention in life. As a member of the press, I would have been able to interview stars, have unprecedented access to the event a network with some of the best.

Disappointment Is a part of Life!

But because of my illness that I’m facing right now, I cannot go. Part of me wants to cry. Because I finally feel that I have achieved the status I wanted in my career. But as I think of how good the Lord has been to me I know that bigger things are coming. Before I would have let this destroy me. I would lash out at family and friends. I would be a real jerk. And from time to time I still feel that way. It’s easy to think that way.

Doubts, Fears and Doubts

Even right this second have my doubts. Sometimes the enemy of my soul knows how to fight the best. He fights in the battlefield of the mind. He likes to cause us to play on our deepest fears. It is a war that is constantly being waged. I must admit that it’s easy to lose. So many people lose this war every day. I almost feel like a prisoner to my illness. I’ve been bedridden for the better part of a week. I have to have assistance just to get up to use the restroom. It makes you want to cry.

Loneliness and Trials

It’s easy to feel alone. Being in a hospital room by myself is very lonely. Nurses and staff try to help you feel differently. But it’s still a very lonely place. I miss home, I miss my mother, I miss my cats, but most importantly I miss my wife. This trial is just about as bad as when I had heart failure. If it were not for the Lord on my side, I would wallow in despair. So what have I learned from all this? The first thing I learned is that everything is not always as it appears. Yeshua gives Godly discernment in all situations. It is best to lean on him and never yourself.


I learned that health is something to be treasured. You can lose it at any time. True friends and family will always stick close to you during trials and adversity. Fake friends will become apparent just as fast as your real ones. Only these things can be learned in the trial. When everything is going good in your life, these things are harder to see. Trials give you experience. I do want to give you some notes to think about during the trials.

  1. Things often are not as they appear. Take your time before making any decisions or rash judgments. Solomon was not the wisest man because he decided to split the baby into pieces. He was the wisest because he saw the situation from all sides and made judgments accordingly.
  2. Know that if God brought you to it, he could bring you through it. As long as you’re alive, it’s not over for you. As long as you draw breath, you have a chance to overcome. It’s not the easiest advice or even the easiest to say. But this is something I’m learning with bitter tears.
  3. Last but not least don’t be afraid to lean on Yeshua. Part of his sacrifice in the atonement was to teach him how to suffer. He did this willingly to learn how to succor us. Because of this understanding, you can rest assured he understands what we’re going through.
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