Don’t be Deceived by the Lies of the Terrible Enemy

Struggles Of This Week!

As I begin my blog for Motivational Monday, I do it in a strange place. Currently, I’m sitting in a hospital room in Denver Colorado. This time in my life has been informational, to say the least. I’ve been debating on a great many matters laying on my heart. When you have believed something for 18 years plus it is hard to let the thing go. Something has deceived me for 18 years. This past month God has begun to share light on what I’ve been deceived about. It is easy for us to be led astray in these last days.

We can be easily Deceived by the Enemy!

Satan’s ways of deception and trickery are at an all-time high these days. We must stay close to the Lord even more so now than ever. The very elect is even deceived in these days. Most my motivational Monday blog posts have been on topics to lift you up. Today’s topic is to wake you up. Test everything that you hear on one basis the word of God. If it can stand to biblical standards than it can be believed as truth. But if it cannot, flee with all your heart.

The Father of Lies Has Deceived You!

Satan has intentions on you joining him in his damnable state. He doesn’t have to come with it all out the attack. He is getting more sneaky than ever. I began to see how he can be described as the father of lies. That is how he gets us. He gets us by sneaking in a back way. We begin to believe his lies, and when he does that he can deceive honest people into damning their souls. Some of you may not like the content of my blog post today. But it’s on my heart to say these things. I’ve been reading several books that have begun to teach me how to live a truly victorious life.


The first book that I suggest to you is called self-deliverance made simple. This book has been powerful in teaching me to connect with God directly. After becoming believers in Jesus Christ, he has given us a direct relationship with him. But most people do not know how to walk in that relationship. Knowing how to do this on a day-to-day basis is one of the most powerful lessons I learned in my life. God has a way of teaching us how to be in a relationship with him. This is the only way that I’ve been able to survive this week.

Even in Pain, I’m Living In Victory!

This week I have been through more pain than any week in my life. I felt the loneliest that I’ve ever felt in this week. If it were not for my darling wife or her family, I would’ve been all alone. More importantly, if it had not been for the Lord on my side, I would not have made it through. When I was in my most pain, I just began to cry out Yeshua. Yeshua!! I cried out his name several times, and I felt his presence in the room here with me.

In Conclusion

I’m excited for God’s new direction in life. The Lord is doing a new thing in my life. Keep watch because there’s a lot more in store for people who read my blog. I am dedicated to spreading the truth wherever I go. I am dedicated to not hiding, or sugar coating what God give’s me. I’m especially glad that this is my personal blog so I can get as real as I want to be on it. If you have issues with me then take it up with me or even better take it up with the father. God bless you who read these words and are not unjustly offended. God bless!

Last Week’s Motivational Monday!

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