A Stroll Down Memory Lane

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I Love My Family

This week I thought a lot about family. And so, I wanted to take this Whatever Wednesday to stroll down memory lane. As I think back on my childhood there are some key moments that I miss. My earliest memories are of my house in East Denver. We were not far from my cousin Curtis and my aunt Mary.

A Simpler Time

I remember going to the store on the corner with my cousin Curtis. Wow I remember penny candy and how having fifty cents meant a come up on some candy! We used to ride bikes in the street even though we were told not to. I sometimes wish that I was still that close to my cousin. Time and distance have taken a toll to some bit but I still love my cousin so much! I think back on who I called my cool cousin my cousin Victoria.

Laughing now i  called her the cool cousin in a good way. Now I always called her that behind her back because her parents my aunt Vicki and my uncle Arthur always took my other cousins to the coolest places. I always thought that I was not included because of not being cool. It comes to find out that it was because I was a snitch.

Me and my Cousin Victoria - Memory Lane
Me and my Cousin Victoria – Memory Lane

I want to publicly apologize to my cousins and aunts and uncles who I snitched on. I was always taught that snitches get stitches. My aunt would always include a caveat that when I snitched on my aunt and uncles that I was doing the right thing. I didn’t know as a child that you were not supposed to do that. I missed out on a lot of activities because I was this way.

My Favorite Cousin Fred

But I do remember hanging out with my cousin Victoria as a young boy. I also looked up to my favorite cousin, my cousin Fred. Fred just has a special place in my heart. He was the best man at my wedding. Or I should say my sealing. He always has been there for me. When I died in the hospital it was my cousin Fred and my cousin Curtis who rushed by my side. Whenever something’s gone wrong my cousin Fred will call me. He’s always concerned about me.

Me and my favorite cousin Fred - A Stroll Down Memory Lane
Me and my favorite cousin Fred – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

I remember in high school being beaten up all the time by the jocks. You can tell because three years of my high school transcripts are filled with subpar grades. This isn’t because I was a bad student but because I hardly ever was there. And it wasn’t because I was ditching that I wasn’t there it was because I was suspended a lot. My aunt taught me to never start a fight but if someone started a fight with you, you finished it.

The Best Tag Team in the World!

Except for one year, it was this year when my cousins Fred and Nathan moved to town. When they moved to my area the first day of school the jocks started a fight with me. My cousin Fred saw me bleeding at the principal’s office and asked me what happened. When I told him, what had transpired, that I was beaten up by jocks him and my cousin Nathan both very tall found those jocks and gave them a beat down.

I remember when they called my uncle Scott to the school after my cousins beat the jocks down. My uncle Scott was told that we all three had gotten fights that day and would be suspended. The administration expected our uncle to yell at us or curse us out or do some sort of discipline at the school instead we all got attaboys for standing up for one another.

In Closing

Now you might think that those were bad memories but I love these memories
I love my family and I wanted to dedicate a blog post to them.

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