Finding the dead amongst the living!

Happy Birthday Dr. King!

As I begin the blog post for today, Before I give my tip on finding the dead amongst the living. I want to first a formal say Happy Birthday Martin Luther King. As I watch the great movie Selma I’m reminded that we still don’t have the rights that we should. We still are fighting police aggression, agitators from within our race and much more; we will one day realize the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King. The dream that black lives are not the only ones that matter, but that all lies matter. I’m here to state my official position that all lives matter.

How I Found My Fathers Family!

Today for Tuesday Tip day I wanted to talk about my experience in finding the living and how that has helped me find the dead. One year ago I was sitting at RootsTech, and I was having lunch with my best friend Eddy when I placed a phone call to the only living relative in my father’s family. My father’s family was rather big, and my grandmother had six children. But when I was brought up I did not know any of my father’s family. I didn’t even know where to get started in finding them.
A program called Intelius helped me to find my father’s family. I searched for my father’s name in the program which brought up a list of relatives. These relatives had addresses and phone numbers. I began doing my detective work by calling all of the phone numbers of my relatives. One after one I got messages that they were wrong numbers or that they were disconnected. I began to be very discouraged but then one number did work that was the number my cousin Keith.

How I found the dead amongst the Living!

Me and Keiths conversation was very somber. After identifying myself and who I was I discovered from him that all my family was dead. Aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins all dead. My heart broke. I had always envisioned that I would have Antwone¬† Fisher moment where I met all my family and they welcomed me into the family. But I would have no such moment. However, my cousin Keith was a treasure trove of information about my father’s family. And even now a new program called family tree now has helped me find a new branch of my family via marriage.
This new branch of my family gives me other relatives that did not know existed. But enough about my personal story I want to talk about how these types of programs can help you find the dead amongst the living. These websites are a literal treasure trove of information. Intellius is an amazing website that combs through all public records. Detectives, bail enforcement agents, and others use this information to track down fugitives and others that are living. Employers use these websites to do background checks on new hires.

How can you find the dead amongst the living?

FamilyTreeNow - Finding The Living Amongst The Dead

So how could information assembled on the living help you find the dead? These websites contain not only public records for the living but also the dead. You can search on these websites for dead individuals. In the picture to the left is the search I did for my deceased father, Howard Sanford Denton. My father’s name is somewhat rare. And when I searched his name I discovered it had public records for him. That is a treasure trove all in itself. However what I will bring to your attention is that it has the names possible family members. Now this is me searching for a dead individual on this website.
But you can also use this website to search living people’s names. By doing this, it will bring up a list of possible relatives to the person if the person is found on the website. And you can use this to find other relatives deceased and alive. It works both ways. I’ve been talking a lot about this method of research because my father’s family is a mystery to me. But by using these websites I have begun to crack the mystery and break through the walls. I hope you find value in what I shared today.

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