Year 2016 In Review

A Word of Thanks

As I think of the things that happened last year for Genealogy Gangster I stand in amazement for all that God has done in all that my readers have done. As I think back to some of the things that have happened I believe that they are divine providence and helping this message get across to a new generation of people the African-American youth.
I want to thank my mentor Thomas MacEntee for all that he is done. He taught me that I needed to zone in and focus on what I was writing and not muddle the message with other things. And so, came a division of my blogs and I blog my catch all things on the online positivity and the other one for genealogy only.

The Genealogy Gangster Was Born

The Genealogy Gangster at RootsTech
The Genealogy Gangster at RootsTech

It has made me an authority in the genealogy arena. People recognize the brand Genealogy Gangster and while I came up with the idea for Genealogy Gangster it is Mr. MacEntee who came up with the idea that I should focus my energies on specific project and branding. So, I started this website with very little money and very little resources but just a hunger to share this message with the world and God has blessed my endeavors.

RootsTech 2016

So, what do I like the most about the past year? I loved RootsTech last year it was an amazing convention. I want to thank my friends over at FamilySearch who enabled me to go. People who put my message out in the Deseret News last year and even the hotel owner who allowed me to stay in one of his hotel rooms free for an entire week.

People even gave me money sending money via GoFundMe, Western Union so that I might be able to eat and get around. I want to thank my brothers Thom Reed and Wain Meyers for all that they did for me last year while I was at RootsTech and treating me like a little brother. I had an unprecedented access to the convention as a VIP last year where I could go to the media hub, I could meet some of my heroes the Sisters in Zion along with meeting others from the press at the press dinner.
That was special to me. It was the highlight of my year last year. I met so many bloggers and the one regret that I have over the past year is that I did not maintain as tight of connection as I wanted to these bloggers, but rest assured that I will be making those contacts at RootsTech this year and I will maintain those contacts throughout the year.

The Convention Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
The Convention Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Things On The Horizon

As we begin this new year there are many things on the horizon for the Genealogy Gangster. The first major thing that I must talk about is the fact that I am so humbled by being allowed by the Denver Urban Spectrum to report on RootsTech for them. I am now a member of the press, it might be small press but is press nonetheless. It totally makes me appreciative and honored to represent this proud African Americans news institution here in the city of the mall high.
I will be also traveling to the Northeast regional genealogical convention this coming April in my wife’s home state of Massachusetts. We also plan to do extensive traveling and reporting on genealogical events throughout the summer. And lastly I also will be hosting intro to genealogy classes for African American youth here in the city of Denver and am working with the African-American library to set that up.

In Closing

So, in closing, I want to thank all of you for helping me last year. It is our first year in business and I say that probably this blog is a business. We are going to grow we are going to thrive so stay tuned!

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