Serving a real awesome God.

God will always be with you no matter what. The Reality in serving a real God.

This motivational Monday i want to talk about Serving a Real God! This past week has been very horrible. I have had to go to the hospital. I also have a very bad wound on my foot along with my heart failure acting up. But no matter what i have had so much peace and joy. This past week truly has been a miracle. Because God has been with me and a book i have been reading has been so influential to me.

God is with you no matter what. No matter what your going through if you have accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as your savior then he is with you through anything. I was able to connect with Jesus on such a real level. Having his peace and comfort with me has been a life changing experience. I know i am inviting attacks by the enemy because i am giving Praise to God and writing about God’s peace.

He Will Never Leave You or Forsake You.

I know for a fact that if we accept God into our lives that he will bless us. He will encompass us with his peace. I was able to have God’s peace even in the face of losing my foot. I dont know if you know but i used to be in a wheelchair. And one of my biggest fears is having to go back to that chair because God has strengthened me so much that i dont want to go back to having to wheel around.

Scared and alone (my wife would have been there had she known but she was at work and could not check her phone). The doctor kept saying that they thought i would have to have surgery. But even through my worse fear the peace of God was around me. If you pray to Jesus Christ when your in your worst moments and be still the glory of God will fill your heart. The glory of the Lord will begin to give you peace and safety in the middle of the storm.

Personal Revelation

I have very little experience with the supernatural. I have always been afraid of it. The Lord has been dealing with me personally this week in such an amazing way. We serve a living God. For those who read this that are not Christians i invite you to come to Christ. Once you do and you start living for him you can have the same amazing experiences. But the key is that we must turn over our entire lives to him. Only when we are safely in the center of his will can we enjoy this closeness with God. And i invite you to enjoy that closeness with the Lord today.

Last Week’s Motivational Monday

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