I’m Thankful for my Friends. #ThankfulThursday

I’m Thankful For My Friends From Rocky Mountain

Thankful Thursday – A New Blog Theme for Online Positivity

I think it’s important to live life with gratitude. Thankfulness is something that i wish to practice in life. So i am now introducing a new series called Thankful Thursday. This series will be EVERY Thursday and i hope that you will join me on this journey and share what your thankful for. What are some things you are grateful for in life? I think alot of time in life we focus on the bad things of life and we always get caught up in the negative. You have to correct this thinking. You cannot attract good into your life thinking negatively.

The First Thankful Thursday – My Friends From Rocky Mountain

I want to highlight some pictures of people that i hang out with most days. These are the people who add flavor to my life. So let’;s share some pictures!

Thankful Thursday - My Friends Gloria and Janelle
My Friends Gloria and Janelle

The people to the left are Gloria and Janelle two of my friends i hang out with at Rocky Mountain Inc. They are so funny and make me laugh a ton. They are so sweet, they are like mothers to me. Never discount peoples ages because they can become your best friends in the whole wide world.

I am grateful for my friends. They have taught me many valuable lessons in life. They keep me encouraged and offer me opportunities to give service. I am so grateful for what they add to my life.


Thankful Thursday - A Table of Friends
More of my friends from Rocky Mountain

To the left are more people from Rocky Mountain. This is a center that i go to. They are there to distract themselves from the horrible physical and mental afflictions that plague them. Want to talk about positive people. I am so thankful for them because they stay positive even when they are dealing with crippling afflictions.

What are you thankful for? Share it in the comments below and i will select one to give a special surprise gift to!

For more on some gratitude stuff check out this!

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