Kenny’s Book Club Review

Bible Oragami by Todd Huisken printed by Cedar Fort Publishing

When i was first asked to review this book for my blog i thought to myself “why would i want to do this.” I never have been a good artist. And no matter how much i tried oragami in school i just could not get the hang of it. But i love the publishing the company and so i told them that i would try it out. When the book arrived in the mail i was inspired in another way. I believe Heavenly Father directed me to try this book because of my wife.

My Wife the Primary Instructor


Rachel works in the Primary department of our local ward. She teaches the five year olds right now and this book is a bit advanced for them. But i knew that if my wife could get into making these projects then maybe the kids at our local ward could get into them. So tonight (December 22) i sat down with my wife and we began to make these projects. Right away i learned that i just was not artistically inclined. I dont think i would be good at putting paste on paper. But my wife who is FAR more creative than me delved into remaking the nativity scene.

Folding Paper

My Wife Mastering Bible Oragami
My Wife Mastering Bible Oragami

My wife began to do the folds and she actually did pretty well. She’s asked i not put her finished work here but she remade the whole manger scene out of paper. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with how fast she picked up the art of folding paper.

“For people who are twelve years old and older it is a great book. I highly recommend it.” – Rachel Green

So now we get down to the nitty gritty and put in our review. Out of five starts i give it 4 1/2 because i think it’s a great book. I am going to donate the review copy that we received to our local church’s young men and young women department because i think it would be cool for those kids to learn more about the bible by doing this art. I also probably will suggest my wife teach a lesson to them one day on bible oragami as she tries more and more of the things from the book. Overall i think this book is a must have for any home that has kids that may not be into the scriptures. Art is a highly effective way to teach something and this book is leading the way with art. Cant wait to see if there’s a book of Mormon version in the future which could teach lessons from that book as well.

You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. I personally like Amazon as a prime member you get free shipping. Check it out below!




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