Christmas Memories Then and Now

Christmas Memories Then and Now

My Earliest Christmas Memory

My earliest Christmas memory is that of my great aunt’s house. It was just me and her. We did not have much. And I remember that we never had everything. My aunt was on retirement from Social Security and my disability could not be much. For all of that, we lived in a great home together. We had food on our table. Sure I did not get to rock the finest in apparel or clothes. But I did get to live comfortably. And once more I knew I was loved.

The Lesson of the Nintendo

Nintendo had been out a few years and it seemed I was the only one on the block without one. I remember I raised a pretty big stink about it. Truly I am so ashamed of my petty behavior back then. I was a child I thought as a child and I spake as a child but now that I’m a man it’s time I put away childish things. Being self-focused on what you want for Christmas is a horrible way to spend the holiday. And we do it over much more than gifts but sometimes our attitudes. Because I am not as close as I like to my family I’ve had the nerve to have an attitude with the folks I am close with. It’s a habit I become Mr. Scrooge around this time.


The Nintendo and The Lesson For Reals Now!

My aunt made me think that there was no way I could get the Nintendo. I was crushed and devastated. Loathing that Christmas but when I woke up the Nintendo was there along with the Nintendo gun and like twenty games. I had games that my friends did not even have. Now I think back on that sacrifice that must have had to happen for me to have that. And now as an adult I learn the lesson I think we all should learn.

Christmas should not be about what we get but how we can give. How we can sacrifice. What can we offer to people who have less than us? My aunt sacrificed a great deal so I could have what I wanted. And now I think I look back and realize I did not even love her that much for it. I treated my aunt like crap. Auntie over in the spirit world please know I am so sorry for how I acted. But I am grateful for the lesson these many years later.

Last Christmas

Last Christmas was very special. I had the opportunity to spend it with my new bride. I am thoughtful even more of the ultimate gift our savior has given and that’s himself. How do I Segway from talking about my bride to talking about the savior? Because as a husband it is my duty to love my bride as Christ loved the church. Having a bride taught me that.

Me and the Wife Last Christmas
Me and the Wife Last Christmas


Again I was so selfish with my expectations. I believed that I should receive what I want from my woman because she is my woman. And when my bride ignored my wishes and presented me with what she picked out for me I felt crushed. That’s little boy thinking again. I should have rejoiced that I even had a bride. Personally I should have been thankful for her, God’s gift to me. I had to apologize so hardcore to her because I was a jerk.

Learn What the Savior Wants You to Learn This Christmas

The Savior gave his own life for us. Think of that. He gave his life. He died on a rugged cross without expectation. His only desire is to redeem all of his brothers and sisters and bring us home to the father. I know Jesus was not born in December, but we don’t know when he was born. So why not observe it now? But do it in a way he would approve. Serve your families. Love on your fellow man. Find people who don’t have anyone and share the light of Christ with them. I am happy to say that I have put away childish things. I am looking forward to serving others this holiday season doing what the savior truly intended us to do!


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