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Our Official Blogger Badge!
Our Official Blogger Badge!

December 7, 2016 – We are happy to announce that we have been recognized as an official blogger of the NERGC Blogger Corps. I am excited by this because it means we are starting to be recognized in the genealogy community. I’m excited because this Friday is the return of the Genealogy Gangster Vlog Series. This Friday we will talk about the Freedman’s Bureau project and how its had a personal effect on my research so stay tuned for that. Coming in January we will have a series of interviews of people from various genealogy spectrum’s and from the NERGC convention!

Articles Of The Week Section

Starting now whenever i do a news update or article i will include some links to some other genealogy  blog posts. I’m hoping to build more bonds and camaraderie with other bloggers. So here are the articles i suggest this week.

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Whats Coming Up for Genealogy Gangster?

  • Genealogy Gangster Vlog on the Freedman’s Project
  • Articles on Kwanzaa and African Traditions
  • Delve Deeper into my GNA Data and what it means and how to interpret yours.
  • Interviews with people from different sectors of the Genealogy Industry.
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