Lighting the World

Holidays Can Be Tough So We Light The World!

What is light? How do we transmit light? I always get depressed this time of year the most. It is because i am not as close to my family as i’d like to be. And that got lifted some last year when i married my soul mate and then became a family of our own. But it seems that the materialistic part of the holidays reminding me of our financial situation along with the distance i have with my family always gets me down. But i want you to know that we can lose ourselves in the service of your fellow man. If we lose ourselves in service we can honor the person this holiday season is supposed to be about, our Lord Jesus Christ.

#LightTheWorld A New Campaign of Service

Instead of being a downer and being so depressed we should look for ways to serve people. We should look for ways to honor the savior who served us all. As i think of this season while its not the actual birth of Christ we are celebrating him. I feel he is the greatest gift of all time, one from our personal father in heaven. We observe that the God of the universe was thinking of us and gave this most precious gift to the world, his son. And his son gave the most blessed gift to the world, his sacrifice on the Cross to save our souls. So instead of being down, smile, wash your face and go out and serve. I encourage you all to serve this holiday season! Use the service advent calendar provided here to find ways to serve others!

Kenny’s Book Review Club: We’re With You by Deseret Book

Were With You Book by Deseret Book
Were With You Book by Deseret Book

I recieved an advanced copy of this book last week for review purposes and i must say that i love this book. It has compiled in its pages some key talks on life, marriage, and career success. I love having this book in one place to have compiled so many talks. When i’m having a tough day i can turn to Overcoming Obstacles by Dieter F. Uchtdorf or Don’t be discouraged by Elder Anderson. When i need advice on friendships i can turn to The Blessing of Good Friends by Elder Rasband or relationship advice from Elder Ballard. Never in one place have i found so much great advice and i LOVE this book! I love this book so much i want to give away a copy. To enter the giveaway for this book i need you to sign up for our newsletter by going to

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I will pick one person at random using rafflecopter and announce the winner via my Christmas post done on the Friday before Christmas! That person will recieve a paperback copy of this book from our website! This is my way of spreading light for the holiday! So please enter the raffle! Our newsletter will never spam you to death and we will only share positive things to help uplift your day and week!

Recipe of the Week: Fruit Cobbler

I like apple cobbler, and i like peach cobbler. And i decided to throw them together and hence the creation of my fruit cobbler i hope you enjoy!

Completed Mixed Fruit Cobbler
Completed Mixed Fruit Cobbler


  • 2 Cans of Apple Pie Filling
  • 2 Can of Peach Pie Filling
  • 4 Frozen Pie Crusts
  • 1/4 Cup of Half and Half


Preheat Oven to 350 Degrees

Place four pie crusts overlapping in large deep pan. (I Used the Copper Chef Pan for mine)

Mix Pie filling in a large bowl. Place pie filling in the large pan.

Drape the pie crusts over the top.

Brush half and half over the pie Crusts.

Place in preheated over and bake for 45 minutes.

Remove, let cool and enjoy!


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