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Finding the African In Me!

The Genealogy Gangster Himself! Finding the African in me!
The Genealogy Gangster Himself! Finding the African in me!

Now that i have found some of the European in me i have a yearning in my heart to find the African in me. I found these discoveries just a few days ago and already it has me questioning about what tribe i came from? I know i hail from bantu speaking tribes but there are many bantu speakers. Are my people from ghana? Are they from the coast? Having watched some roots on TV really has that question burning. I know i will never be able to find my lineage, slave masters destroyed that chance for a sense of self identity. But to know my tribe at least would be something.

How do i find my past?

I hope to be announcing some exciting partnerships next week to help you all and myself in finding my African lineage. I think for the first time i want my family to celebrate Kwanzaa, a time to build awareness of self. I’m not going all muslim on ya. And i’m not no five percenter yo. But i do want to get in touch with my roots. I want to get in touch with my heritage.

One Last Note

This website does not pay for itself. Time, server space, bandwidth, etc All of those things cost money. So i am hoping to become an affiliate of some of the solutions i will offer you next week. I will be real and give you the low down any time i market something as an affiliate marketer. You deserve nothing less than complete transparency from the gangsta you dig?  I thank you for the following and i thank you for the support. So come along with me in this journey for me to get back to self!

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