African by Birth, Noble by Descent

My Struggle

For the past eighteen years i have been fascinated by my own genealogy. The fact that i am 24% European/British/Scottish and i did not know where that came from has been a plague to me. Early in my genealogical career i had inaccurate information in my family tree. But as my skills increased by doing genealogy for others i began to get better and sharpen my own genealogy.

Georgia… Georgia…

Me and My Fair Skin
Me and My Fair Skin

My maternal line came from Georgia. And once i found that out i still had the road block of where they were slaves. See the European in my mothers blood (why i’m so fair skinned) had to come from somewhere. And the ugly truth is that all slaves were not ugly. Beauty as a woman slave was often a curse upon them because the slave masters would have sex with them. The slave master that had sex with my ancestors was Jacob Chivers Butts Jr.

Un-Noble Acts by Noble Blood…

UnNoble Acts by Noble Blood
UnNoble Acts by Noble Blood – First Noble Descendant, Lord William Butts

Jacob partook of the stock he owned and one of his unofficial issuance was Lassie Butts. om her we get Ed Butts who was the father of Laura Butts (who became Laura Green) who bequeathed Lassie Green (My Mother) but shockingly was that Jacob came from a noble line. In my research i found 4 English Lords, 3 English Knights, 2 Esquires and even connections to the Scottish Bruce family (ex. Robert the Bruce).
You cannot blame my entire line for what one person done. But i am glad they done it. We have within us noble blood. We should be proud of that heritage. It was born out of a place of pain yes. But now we can take this heritage and run with it! We should be proud of where we come from. I am part British and i am proud of that!

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