Wedding Woes? No!

So if your a Latter Day Saint you know what a Celestial Marriage is. But for all of my friends who do not i want to share with you all what this concept is. A Celestial Marriage is a belief adhered to by my church which means that my marriage and family can be together forever. Those bonds dont die after death in my faith. So while i married the lover of my heart and my soon to be forever companion almost a year ago we needed to take time as a couple and prepare to take this step in becoming a Celestial family.

The Sealing Is Almost Here!!

So the ceremony in which a couple becomes a Celestial family is called a sealing. We take these words from the bibles description of our belief “In whatever you seal on earth will be sealed in heaven.” (Matthew 18:18) and since my wifey did not get the wedding she deserved it was my goal and desire that her Sealing day make up for it. So i’m talking about going all out. Tuxedos, a REAL reception not at the crib, pictures, a real cake etc. And that date is November 12th!

Back to the Woes

In my first engagement (yes i’ve been engaged more than once) i had all my groomsmen and best men bail on me. They believed that woman was not right for me (THANK GOD!). But this week i had three groomsmen do the same thing. Now they all had LEGIT reasons (health etc) but it felt like my first sealing date (what was supposed to be) all over again. I was devastated and crushed. I was super depressed and then i remembered one thing. This day IS NOT ABOUT ME. Its about WE and the covenants were entering into with God. Its about receiving the highest order of blessings available on earth. And making my bride mine forever and making her day.

The Lesson

You have to find out whats the most important aspect about a thing. Sometimes when you get news you dont like or problems arise we like to go off the handle. But being positive is about not having an emotional reaction and taking time to find the important things. I cant wait to kneel across the altar in fifteen days and make my wife my eternal companion! I hope your there if you know me!

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