Dont Shoot!

Super Saturday Post!


As i sit back and think about all of the violence that has overcome our nation i am reminded of the father of lies.  Also the Prince of the power of the Air Satan. And i see his influence in all of these things. I see the racism in the faces of African Americans who have grown tired to opression and evil happening against them in this nation. I see it in the faces of cops now scared of these African Americans because of the violence they are now taking into thier hands. And i can envision Satan sitting back laughing his duff off. And all of this in an election year where we have a crazed republican candidate and a soft almost criminal democratic candidate. And i’m not endorsing Hillary. She will NEVER get my vote. But we must be careful to avoid shooting. Dont Shoot!  Let’s pray.

When Martin and others protested in the sixties they began with prayer. They sang songs of hope and of a future for a opressed people. Dont shoot! Lets take thier attitudes. African Americans have come a long way in this country. We have a black president. We have come a long way. Is there still opression of some? Yes! But is there opression of all of us? I dont believe so. And some of yall can call me a coon negroe for taking this stance if you want to still wont change me. We need to be a non violent people. Violence begets violence. That is it! Live by the gun, die by it. We need to change and be how we wish these other races would treat us and then maybe we can obtain what we really want. Opportunities in this nation and freedom of our minds. I did not go to the rally yesterday because the Lord admonished me. He wants me to support my brothas and i still do. But he wants me to be a better example not by marching but by service and improving the lives of people around me.

Cold Summer Recipe Series

Time to Prep for Berry Salad!
Berry Salad Prep

Berry Tossed Salad

This recipe is a winner in my house. The nice freshness of berries, mixed with some favorite condiments and berries are a winner in my house. You dont even need to have a recipe. Here is the science.

  1. Go buy your favorite salad mix. I prefer the ones without all the garbage and dressings etc. I prefer a mix of greens, thats it.
  2. Buy your favorite in season berries. I like Strawberries and blueberries.
  3. Chop up side condiments, like tomatoes, almonds, onions, etc
  4. Toss together and dress it with your favorite dressing.

To add a special flair take two chicken breasts, marinade them in the Mrs. Dash Teriyaki Marinade (near the BBQ Sauces) and grill them in a cast iron pan and then cut them up into diced chunks and toss that into the salad for a all in one dinner!

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