Honor Thy Parents

Honor thy Parents? Where did this topic come from? So i share my video challenge of today which has been the reason behind my topic today.

Today i talk about my parents and my upbringing. The challenge asked me to talk about disrespect to my parents. And i like any other child have have been guilty of disrespecting my parents. But as i have grown up and become an adult i’ve learned the value of parents. Especially since my auntie passed away who raised me from birth. I wish i could go back and reverse all of the bad stuff i did as a kid to this sweet soul who took the responsibility of raising me when my parents who were developmentally disabled were not able to.

I realize how blessed i am. How blessed i am because of the legacy i come from. I think of my dad who even though he was developmentally disabled wanted to do many things. He drove (when no one said he could) he was a prolific photographer (i want to think my selfie hustle comes from him) and he was an ordained minister. My motherĀ LOVES the LORD. I mean LOVES the LORD. She is in the church house every time the door is opened and praising the Lord. I want to bless my mother and live up to that legacy. I want to be a prolific worshiper. As my boy Uncle Reece said i want to go hard in the paint when i worship.

God has been reminding me of how much worse it could have been. I could have been raised in the system. I could have missed the legacy that my family has. There is so much i could have missed. Things could be so much worse. I honor the LORD my ultimate parent for all that he’s done for me! I worship the LORD and preach that HE LIVES! He has risen from the DEAD! It is only THROUGH CHRIST that man can be saved!

Using One Note to Keep Genealogy Records

This past year at ROOTSTECH i learned about using One Note for the first time. Let me tell you how much time and hand effort this has saved me. I do not have to write things with my pen. And furthermore when you combine this with onedrive or drop box you can keep your records safe no matter what computer your using. So i decided for the genealogy section of the blog today (helping you keep track of your parents) i’d share the link to the notes from that class which will help you do the process. Get this while its here, it wont be here forever!

Reviews & Recipes

I havent done any recipes or reviews for a few weeks and its been because of a very hectic time in my life. But things are in the works. I am working on the following.


  • Low Sodium Collard Greens
  • Low Sodium Refried Beans
  • Low Sodium Penne alla Vodka
  • Low Sodium Spaghetti alla Marlbro


I am reading the following books and will have reviews,

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