My Father’s Genealogy

Its Father’s day in America or at least it will be in a few days. And when i think of my father i have some very positive feelings about him. He was there when i preached my first sermon. I dont know if anybody in the crowd yelled Amen as much as he did. When my great aunt went to the “upper room” (watch my vlog videos for the joke) he was then allowed to come out and tell me who he was. You see i had went to church with my father for ten years. He was the Elder at my Aunt and Uncle’s church. He was not much of a preacher, but one of those hold Moses’s arms up types of leaders. Prayer warrior for sure and a supporter second to none. My great aunt who raised me would not allow for him to be in my life. Some sort of deal was made with his family to keep him out of my life. I’m not sure what this deal was and it did hurt me the most in the end. I’m sure my aunt wanted to keep this guy away from my mom because of the thing they did to create me. But that was in my fathers youth. I’m still affected because i was GROWN when i got to know he was my daddy and worse he died a year after i found out.

You can say i have a chip on my shoulder about all of this. And throughout my adulthood i’ve faced not knowing his side of the family. Which is why i think i identified with the movie Antwon Fisher so hard core. I envisioned that moment Antwon had when he met all his family for the first time. Except that moment wont happen on this side of the veil. One of the reasons i yearn for heaven so badly. So that has been a motivating factor in looking for my father’s genealogy. But its hard to do when your the only thing that survives his fathers side of the family at least the branch here in Colorado. There is no go to person to ask for help or advice. So i have begun to piece together the story of his family.

I am now to my paternal grand mother.  Bertha Mae Holt who came here from indiana. She lived in the area around Boulder Colorado which leads me to believe she engaged in housekeeping or nanny work. My father was named after his father.  This is my passion in genealogy finding my father’s family.  I do so that i can truly have that opportunity to know of them here and to know them on the other side of the veil.

I wont be having a recipe or review this week on the blog. I’ve been having technical difficulties so i’m just happy i was able to bring this to you!

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