If God Be For Us…

I bet your wondering why i called my super post that. I will keep it real. I show myself to be a stronger person. To be someone who works out or is following a diet. What a sham i am. I realized today sitting in Denver Health that i have let my health go. I have been eating things i probably really shouldent be eating. Hearing the words “Your Ejection Fraction is back to normal” somehow clicked in my mind that i did not need to stay on the diet i’ve been on. ¬†Even worse than that, i’ve gotten off of my liquid restriction. And i find myself the same weight i was at this time last year when i died.

Today being in Denver Health has been a huge wake up call to me. I’m wanting to do this heart walk tomorrow but i know my health is not ready. I am so so ashamed of myself. But the one thing that keeps me strong at night is knowing that God is for me. I’ve been inspired this past week to continue on the path of being better. And i hope my wife is down for the crown because she’s agreed to come along with me. I think i’ve sacrificed how i eat because i dont want to serve her food without taste. But that is over. And dont get it twisted i’m not blaming God or her. I’m blaming me. But i’m just making some things clear with what i need to do.

Review: More Than The Tattooed Mormon

More Than The Tatooed Mormon Cover
More Than The Tatooed Mormon by Al Fox Carraway

This book was amazing! One of the few books i can say changed my life. Al Carraway illustrates her conversion story so powerfully. I identified with her life story in this book’s pages. It is off the HOOK! I am so glad that i was told to read this. It also shatters perceptions that Mormons are the kindest people on earth. Because Mormons can be judgmental and hateful too. Look at her own life story for that example. She provided me a map to where she is now as i feel myself being on that path! I hope you check it out on google play for the low! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!


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