As an African American i have been used to watching the nineteen seventies version of Roots. But to see this newest one has really touched my heart. This version of roots was made in living color. I love this version. Forrest Whitaker as Fiddler was a role that i could say in my opinion was his best work ever. The last scene where fiddler is holding a newly whipped Kunta drove me to tears.

As an African American man i have felt a disconnect from my true roots. Because i did not know of my african heritage. All i’ve been is ¬†American. But watching this TV Series gives me a sense of identity. I almost want to observe Kwanzaa this year etc s o i can connect more with my roots. African Americans are not a people from this country. We are a people from Africa. I love this series because it gave you a sense of that.

I liked the original series back in the day. But i dont think i remember the series like i remember this one now. This has painted such a vivid picture in my head. I want to investigate Islam the religion of my ancestors not to convert or believe in it. But to understand what they believed and get a better understanding of why it was stripped from them.

Even more than that it has fueled my desire to get back looking for my dads family. I love this show and how it illustrated one family’s struggle. ¬†This story is so vital to understand where you come from. I hope more African American’s watch this television series to gain a sense of the stock we come from. Going to log into my FamilySearch account tonight and begin looking for my fathers family. Let’s get started guys! And We will get back to our roots!

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