Call Me Antwone…

My Personal Love Affair with Genealogy


I know many people are probably confused by the title “Call me Antwone” and i wish to explain. One of my most favorite movies in the entire world is Antwone Fisher. Its a story about a US Sailor who is having all sorts of behavioral problems. He gets in fights, he is afraid to approach the girl he is crushing/stalking, etc. And it all stems from a history of problems. Now let me make something clear. I was not abused. I was not hated by my family. My family relationships may have been rough but they toughened me for what i would face in life. And they were nowhere near what he went through. But Antwone had this desire to keep going. To grow and better himself.

More importantly the doctor (played by Dezel Washington) encouraged Antwone Fisher to find his fathers family. And he did. There is a scene at the end of the movie where he enters a dining room and there is a plethora of food awaiting him. It mirrored a dream he had as a child of all his ancestors preparing the same foods. And then the elders of the family recieve him with one word “Welcome..” Its a yearning of wanting to know where you come from. Its a yearning of wanting to fill that hole in your heart. My church would describe it as the spirit of Elijah, turning the hearts of the sons to the fathers. And i believe it is that. But it is because of that hole of never knowing my grandparents or my fathers family that drove me to get into genealogy. And now i’m gearing up to do my pro bono work to get certified as a genealogist.

Review: “More Than the Tattooed Mormon” by Al Fox Carraway

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