Friday Fun Day Post: Life is a Trade

The Birthday Boy
The Birthday Boy!

So this past week marked a mile stone. I became thirty seven years old though from the picture you would think different. I chose the title for the post “Life is a Trade” because not only am i a day trader now by profession (on top of teacher and network marketer) but sometimes in life you have to make trades. Sometimes you trade the people that you associate with. Or you trade where you live for someplace different. I declare that this next year i’m trading my sickness for health, my poorness for wealth, my life WILL be different. If you cant tell by the featured post i have taken up day trading on the forex markets as a profession. Ive seen so many people win financially doing this that it has made my head spin. Now i am not a big time trader yet. I’m still learning! But it has been fun and i did take a trade of $10 USD to $100 USD yesterday so i’m holding my breath but i may have found the right profession for me. If you want to check out this training i’ve been getting its only $1 and you can get it here.

The Birthday Girl Rachel Green
The Birthday Girl Rachel Green

So now moving on to other things going on in my life. This coming week is my darling wife’s birthday and i want to have a nice party so family and friends can come and meet her. So i’m hoping to do that tomorrow. As a husband one of my challenges in life has been having to teach someone younger than me how to love me. This year my wife took me to dinner and treated me like a king around my house for the day. I felt so good and so loved by her. I am humbled and blessed at the same time. This was one instance that i did not have to show her how to love me, she already knew! I’m super uber blessed by this woman and i wanted to write about her a little. God has been teaching me so much through marriage. So this Friday i just wanted to talk about her and about me. I am so grateful for my aunt and uncle to be back in my life. They have been such a blessing to us. They are an example of where i’d like to be in 15 years or so. And i see God bringing us there super fast. I’m grateful to God for repairing the bridges i burned down by becoming a Latter Day Saint. That title… hrmph… Its been very tough to live by that title lately. Because i dont feel like i’m progressing in that life. I feel stagnant and even though i have a wife, and because of marriage my life has become beyond blessed, it has been very tough for me to say “I am a Latter Day Saint” i mostly want to say “I am Christian..” I have been wrestling with the church. Because i have friends and family that love me that care for my soul and are concerned for my soul. And i’ve been pouring over the scriptures for evidences that the LDS Church is true. That their doctrines are correct. And fair mormon website has helped me out in that regard. But there is something always tugging at me. Keep me in your prayers! So i got a party to plan, ciao!

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