Family and Friends Friday: The Most Innocent

When i think of innocence i think of my mother. You may not know that i have battled with developmental disabilities all my life. And i inherited them from my mother and father. I envy my mother in a way because she is so so close to God. What others view as a weakness i view as a strength. I am so grateful to watch my mother’s life. Now just because you have this level of innocence does not make you innocent. My mother has done plenty of dirt in her life, and its not my place to speak on that. But what i want to talk about is her family, her roots, and her life today.

So lets start with the past. She is the daughter of Laura and Daniel Green. Laura was a house wife and my grand father was an engineer in the United States Army. I look up to him because it was not easy to be a engineer in the sixties as a black man. I hope that i can live up to his example. My grandpa died in Korea, and my grandmother soon after that so she was raised by my Great Aunt Eva Mae Trail who also went on to raise me. I’ll talk about her next week.

I love her innocence today because she is not corrupted by the world in which we live because she does not understand it. She’s never had a criminal charge against her because she’s never committed a crime. My mother loves to go to church and she loves the Lord. She may not understand how to read the scriptures like a theologian, but she is so powerful in her prayer life and in her praise. I love my mother so much, she always prays for me. She always is concerned about me. I love having my mom so close, i can look out for her better. It is one of the honors of my life next to being a husband to my wife. I love you momma!!

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