I am a customer of Netspend Inc. And have been for many years.  I think I got my first card with them in 2009 when I moved out on my own.  And i thought they were such a swell service because I would get my checks early.  And that’s the main benefit for using thier service is getting your checks early.  But as of late it’s become not worth it to get your checks early.  I want to tell my story and then we can do some pros and cons.

First let’s talk about me  it’s my site so I can do that hehe.  Last month they held my social security payment.  They claimed I was not me because I have a lighter voice than most men.  Which brought up the fact that I have a disability that I hate that makes people think I’m a woman and I’m not.  And it’s really made me furious!  Not only that but they froze my money while I was on a business trip reporting from RootsTech.  Horrid Horrid people.  They placed me in so much harm because of thier practices and what they did to me.  I begun scouring Facebook groups and forums and I’m not the only one they’ve done things to me at will.  It’s become too much for me to deal with.  Now not all prepaid cards are bad like Chase Liquid cards where you can actually meet someone at a branch.  Those are the type of cards that are good to deal with and that brings me to my next points.

Pros and Cons of Prepaid Cards
Pro’s :

1. They accept anybody no matter your credit or checking history which makes it a good deal for second chance customers.

2. You get paid early.  This is a good one but not always good as your at thier and the treasury departments mercy.  It’s never consistent at all when you get paid.

I.  Inconsistent paydays.  You can never be sure when  you  will get paid.
2. Foreign Customer Service- They outsource all the time and if you have problems there is no one face to face to talk with you.
3. Not Local- Again if you have any problems there’s no place local to get help.

I’m done with prepaid cards I hope you are too!!

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