Terrific Tuesday

Tuesday’s are usually time i get to spend with the missus. But she’s at work so its time to cut up! PARTY POSE! No i’m just kidding! But i will share with you some pics from my Monday yesterday which was pretty dope.

LDS Conference Center
LDS Conference Center
Eddy at the CHM
My Dawg Eddy at the Church History Museum
Elder Green at CHM
Me at the Church History Museum


I loved going to the church history museum. That was off the hinges. I will tell you that this experience has boosted my testimony in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Touching parts of the Kirkland Temple while the song Spirit of God was on moved me. And then touching the glass around the pieces of clothing Hyrum and Joseph wore while being martyred just brought me to tears. I loved that place!


Mural about the Treasure Hunting Lie.
Putting the critics to bed on the “Treasure Hunting” lie.
LDS Extermination Order.
The Governor Boggs Extermination Order
LDS Doctrine and Covenants
I love this Quote from the Doctrine and Covenants

We also went to the family history library which was fresh! I have always wanted to go there. And finally i had the chance to. We found my fathers obituary which unlocked finding my family. It also helped me find living members of my family which also drove me to tears. I found out that besides my cousin Keith all the rest of the Dentons are deceased. Its like mourning all their losses at once. Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and cousins. My wife can testify that i took this hard.

You see i always envisioned when i found them i’d have an Antwone Fisher moment. Where i got to walk in and see them all. Meet them all. And feel their love. Now i won’t experience that except for connecting with my cousin. I pray to God that we grow close. I am tempted to change my last name so i can carry on the name. It’s a bittersweet thing called genealogy. But I’m glad to know that if i can find him and them, i can find anyone. And i can help others meet their families before its too late!

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