RootsTech 2k16 – Tuesday

As I write this I am overhead heading to rootstech. I’m not sure why Satan wants to prevent me from going to the conference. But he sure did dry his best. The night before the conference my wife tells me I was unresponsive, that my heart rate was elevated, and I was unaware of my actions. Thankfully I pulled through what I believe was a low blood sugar incident. After having to deal with all of that, there we a laundry list of things I had to go through in order to make it to this convention.


Once I got to the airport I was searched thoroughly a little bit too much for my tastes but other than that treated like royalty. Because of the boot on my foot I was taken via wheelchair to my gate and the people were very cordial. I am super thankful for how nice people have been to me this trip thus far, The reason for me whipping out the laptop to jot down some thoughts before hand was because I met an admirable genealogist from Colorado Springs named Candy. She is amazing and an example of what I hope to become one day.


She’s used genealogy to connect families. People who lost relatives she was able to find. She’s used this incredible field to bless people. She volunteers at an LDS family history center and she’s not even LDS!!! And furthermore via genealogy we found out were related and connected to a whole branch of family in Colorado Springs! If this is how the Lord will treat me by meeting family and having an incredible “gate” experience, I can’t wait for the rest of the conference!

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