The Living Room of Denver Colorado

1055 Broadway, Denver, CO 80203


Italian Meats Plate

The wife decided that she wanted to take me to a Restaurant for a romantic date. And so she surprised me by taking e to the Living Room. I thought this place was super cool. The food menu was not the best for someone with my diet. The plates we had were classical Italian fare of meats and cheeses (all high in sodium) so its not somewhere i could eat often. But it was down right tasty!


Fingerling Potatoes with Truffle Oil


What i liked the most about this joint was the decor. It felt like you were chilling in your living room. The couches that were the seating were rather comfy. There was TV screens all around, a fly piano and a stage. It seems more of a nightclub than Restaurant. So while i wont be rushing back, if i want a unique style of date, its definitely a place to check out. As a Mormon we don’t partake in Alcohol which seems to be the main fare of the joint. So while it dosent appeal to me, i think that if you imbibe alcohol it could be a great place for a date or hang out time!

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