Why I’m Adding the New Niche Geneology To the Blog

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I don’t know why I never thought of this before. Why I haven’t thought about blogging about genealogy. I am a semi experienced genealogist and I even have knowledge in a special area, African American genealogy. So as I prepare myself to go to the best conference on the planet for a genealogist, the question came of would I be reporting from this event. And i thought hecks yeah i will be. And then came the idea of attending the genealogy bloggers class and i said yes i’m going to sign up for that.

I’m so excited to be attending RootsTech. I’m excited to hear Elder Renlund of the Twelve speak. I’m also excited to attend classes specializing in African American Genealogy. I’m excited to be able to learn the cutting edge technologies that are about, and the expo hall. Wow! I’m going to take pictures so watch my instagram light up. I’m still going over the schedule but expect more posts on RootsTech later this week.

I was able to trace my mothers genealogy all the way back to the plantation. And now i’m working on my fathers line. Its been a struggle for me, i’m stuck on my grand mother, and that’s one of the biggest reasons i’m going to RootsTech. I want ideas on how to break through that wall that is on my family history.

I want to end this blog update by bearing testimony of this work. I know the spirit of Elijah is alive and well. I know its turning the hearts of the fathers to the sons and the sons to the fathers. I know its true because i’ve witnessed it in my life. So i hope you enjoy my genealogy postings!! And i hope that they bless you and your search for your ancestors!!

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