The Big C

Everyone knows what the Big C is, Cancer. And its been tough hearing that i had it again. When the doctor told me i had cancer in the liver the first thought was what should i do? Should i let it take me out of here? Should i fight it? I’ve been trying so hard to overcome my illnesses. For the past nine months or so after the heart failure started i walked, went to the gym, did things that were miracles.

But then the Cancer came back and it crushed me. Made me so sad. That i could barely stand life. This was a secret battle because i wanted to be strong for my wife. But i learned that my wife was there to help me. And because she was there to help me i should share with her and when i did i began to come to a realization that i had a family to fight for. Family is the most important thing in my life!

Support people with Cancer. Its a tough struggle. Chemo makes you feel so bad that people almost would rather let the big C take them out. I know that’s how i felt. People have supported me so much and i’m so grateful. You never know what people need but here are some ideas on how you can support them.

  • Talk with them. Cancer sometimes is a lonely battle.
  • Bring them a meal. Especially after Chemo we dont feel like cooking.
  • Pray for them. Prayer changes things!
  • Support fights for cures!
  • Do the Cancer Walks and Runs!!!
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