Masterpiece.. A review of Deitrick Haddon’s New Album

I waited forever to be able to listen and write a review of my favorite musicians latest work. But I have to be honest and say I started off mad because he did not immediately release the music to Spotify. Like many music affectionado’s nowadays we have subscriptions to rhapsody or Spotify and we like to listen to our music there. I understand that the Spotify hustle is low paying when compared to buying albums, but I refuse to buy something I do not sample first. So that is one reason why it took forever to get this review done because Minister Haddon did not release the music to Spotify until two months after it has been out. Okay now that I got my gripe out the way.

The album actually disappointed me. It’s not that it’s not a hot album. That it is. It is off the hinges as far as I’m concerned. But it’s about on the same level as his last release R.E.D. And I expected him to go higher in his craft than he did. So I was a little disappointed. But besides that it was a nice fluid album. I like the theme of God’s forgiveness that prevails throughout the music. I think that us really cool to show how one can mess up and still recover and repent.

My favorite song is “Be Like Jesus” and my least favorite song is the thank you’s at the end makes me wonder if he was saying goodbye or something. Deitrick is still my favorite gospel artist because of his story. I am a man saved by grace, I am in need of repentance from time to time. Him being so transparent and not hiding his sins was incredible! Out of five stars he gets 3.5! I hope he is able to blow my socks off on the next album!

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