Welcome To Our New Home!!!

Why the new home?

Wanting to take my blog to the next level i wanted a permanent home for the blog. And while wordpress.com has been awesome, for me to reach new readership i need to stand alone on my own domain. So now i have my own server, space, and domain name for the coming year. I’m looking forward to what i can do here in my new creative home. So will there be any new changes to the blog? Yes for one thing i am focusing on the blog now. While running other businesses have been great for me. I realize that i need to focus on my service to God and my service to others. Writing as an author allows me to do that. So i will be doing a post two days a week, Monday and Friday. With a Vlog episode on Wednesday!

So here is what were doing with the blog.

Monday Media Review – I will talk about current events, things i’ve seen around town, reviews of art galleries, artists, restaurants, etc

Friday Fun Day – This is my day to blog about whatever ii want and also i will have guest bloggers on.

As with each of my blogs there will be a recipe for your enjoyment!

So goodbye for now! Hope to hear from you all very soon! Contact me if there’s any questions you may have!


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